Musical Bonding for kids

The power of music to teach kids is something that should never be underestimated by parents. In the myriad choices that you have for things to do with your child I think music is one thing that should be no. 1 on your list. I read this interesting parenting tip somewhere that always take assistance only in fields that is not your strength or hobby. Music to me until now was only listening to my favourite songs on the IPOD/radio/car. It didn't mean rhythms, patterns, pitch. These are words that I knew off but didn't understand.

I obviously knew the benefits of music but didn't know that it would impact a child's life so much and of course if done in the right way. Honestly I struggled as a working mom to find a music class that would have classes at an hour that working moms could make it or even a weekend class. I attended a trial session of Musical Bonding when my daughter was 18 months and it was only when she was 2.2 years that I joined Musical Bonding. Feel really bad I couldn't do it earlier. Just when I spoke to Aditi who heads the program in India and figured that she was starting a batch at 7 in the evening in Bandra and it seemed far from Worli but it was my only hope. There was no debate in my mind that I wanted to do this with my daughter after I had attended the trial session.  Every Friday me and my daughter would trek our way to Bandra and trust me every bit of it was worth it.

Musical Bonding is a mother and child program where kids are exposed to different sounds using various objects each with a different sound. E.g. Marakas, Egg shakers, tambourines, resonator bells, and so many more. The program includes a book and a CD with many different songs each one relevant to your child, teaching them something new. I love the fact that its basic information woven into songs which are sung in a simple manner.  The teachers have these lovely blue & grey boxes with different objects and the excitement the kids go through when the box opens & closes is unbelievable. If you are wondering whether your child will ever put those objects back in the box, the answer is yes. The teacher builds the trust in your child that she is taking this away only because she is giving him/her something new.

If you are wondering how the child will learn, here is your answer:

  • By listening
  • By play
  • Repetition
  • Experimentation(by having an adult around)
  • Meaningful context: like I said it allows parents to adapt songs in whatever way they please.
  • Magic word 'mom'. A child learns best with the mom around and aping what she is doing

I would like to elaborate on the last point above. There is no settling in for the child so you can start as young as 6 months with your little one. My daughter always looked forward to the class as she knew my mother does not disown me suddenly. She enjoyed and bonded with me like never before. We were the only ones who knew the songs and it was our little secret. The CD would play at home or in the car and it was a CD that only she had(she thought so).

The teachers are outstanding and patient, they understand these are children and they need time. The class also includes a few books which the kids read in a sing song manner and must say they are a hit with the kids.

Here is a little video that will help you understand what the class is all about. For all the moms who think music is a waste of time and studies are important think again. You will never know when your child learnt so many things so effortlessly.

Musical Bonding video - CLICK HERE

Review: Must enroll, especially for working moms as they have a batch on Saturdays too.

Hygiene: Excellent

Teachers: Great!

Location: Kids Club, Madhu Park, Opposite Hanuman temple.

Contact: +91 9769910499 or visit them on

You will truly bond with your child over music! Urge all moms to try it.

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