Jan 16th 2012

11 Indian baby sites you must shop at

In the last 3 years baby shopping has just become so easy that the new moms and especially the ones who are working find it so convenient to shop for their little ones. In a country like India where buying things for the baby before the baby is born is not considered a good omen these websites can work so brilliantly. In the 40 day confinement period you can just click your way through so much baby stuff that you wont feel that bad staying at home after all. The retail therapy will make you feel better. So don’t worry if you have forgotten something. Also these are the only places where moms who are the best bargain hunters can get good deals all year round.

Here are the top 10 that you must visit for the wide range, quick delivery & competitive pricing.

1. Babyoye: With Karisma Kapur as its brand ambassador this one has a wide variety of products. From diapers to nipple shields to cycles to shoes, maternity clothes, toys, Mellisa & Doug toys just about everything is just a click away.

2.Firstcry: This website also promises a wide variety from strollers, high chairs, apparels, games, infant supplies, books, birthday presents, and lots more with easy payment options and quick deliveries

3. Flipkart: This is one website I am actually scared of visiting and I know a lot of my friends too are. If you are wondering why then its fairly simple because its the best place to get books. Any titles from any country that you want its all available on Flipkart and with a good deal. If you haven’t experienced Flipkart delivery then its sad coz they are literally the best in the business.  This one is India’s amazon and its definitely worth a click

4. Allschoolstuff: This one truly deserves a pat on the back and I feel life is so easy. Imagine getting notebooks, textbooks, book covers, labels, bags, bottles, snackboxes and stickers and just about everything school online. Wow! All your geometry sets, pens, erasers, pencils, crayons, colour pencils, chalk boards, sports kits, colouring books, school shoes the works. Its all there.

5. Story Revolution: This one is one my most favourite shopping websites for second hand books. Easy to browse catalogue, great books, great deals and easy payment options. Read our full review here

6. Thepipal: They are the personalized people. You can have just about everything personalized with them. Room decor, clothes, bath, gifts, books and lots more. Read our full review here

7. Toygully.com: They don’t have a wide variety in toys but they do have quite a few popular names. Wish their discounts were a bit better.

8. Hoopos: From murals, to books, clothes, shoes, infant care and all things upto the Age of 6. Hoopos shouts out loud with their offering.

9. Righttoys.in: It seems to be your on stop solution for everything toys so do check it out.

10. LetBabyplay.com: This one impressed me with its infant section and all the feeding & milk storing & expressing needs that working moms may have. However I wish they did have the Medela milk storage bags. They were really helpful.

11. Hushbabies. com:This one is a multipurpose website too with all that you need under one room.

I am sure all of the above will be of great use to you and if there are any websites you would like us to add please do share your comments

5 Comments on “11 Indian baby sites you must shop at”

  1. Nice work in Collecting Information about baby shopping Sites!!

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