11 Indian Baby Sites You Must Shop At


Over the last few years, thanks to e-commerce, baby shopping has become a cakewalk for new moms, the working ones, in particular. In a country like India where baby-shopping baby before the baby is born isn't considered a good omen these websites can work so brilliantly. In the 40-day confinement period you can just click your way through all the baby stuff happily without feeling the blues! The retail therapy will make you feel better, we guarantee. With year round sale and discounts, online shopping surely has its advantages. We at KSP have compiled a list of the best Indian baby-needs shopping sites.

1.Babyoye: With Mahindra Retail group having acquired it recently, this one has a wide variety of products. From diapers to nipple shields to cycles to shoes, maternity clothes, toys, Mellisa & Doug toys just about everything is just a click away. They have also acquired rival start-up Hoopos, so the collection has got bigger now.

2.Firstcry: This website also promises a wide variety from strollers, high chairs, apparel, games, infant supplies, books, birthday presents, and lots more with easy payment options and quick deliveries. Plus when Big B comes and tells you in their ads, you listen!

3.Flipkart: Flipkart has grown over the years from being the best in books to being the best in everything now! Huge range of products are available at a good deal here. They are also famous for their quick deliveries.

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4.Amazon:  Amazon announced their arrival in India and how! They have completely taken over the market and are selling everything from pre-natal to post-natal care in the baby section, in particular. The quick guaranteed deliveries and the wide variety make it a big hit with the customers. 

5. Story Revolution: This one is one my most favourite shopping website for second-hand books. Easy to browse catalogue, great books, great deals and easy payment options. Read our full review here

6. Little pipal: They are the personalized people you should watch out for. You can have just about everything personalized with them. Room decor, clothes, bath, gifts, books and lots more. Read our full review here

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7. Hopscotch: Easily the best boutique option for all your kids' shopping needs. With imported and premium brands being the focus here, they have become extremely popular with their unique collections. A tad heavy on the wallet on regular use products but the unique designs and durability remain unmatched. 

8. BabyJalebi: Another new name in the baby-shopping market. They have a wide collection of clothes, bedding, wall-art and everything that your child will feel comfortable in. They also have flexible customizing options that makes it an option to look out for.

9. My Baby Babbles: An innovative baby record book to help you treasure those cherished moments forever. they also have a section to sell kids' lifestyle products that include premium brands like Mellisa & Doug, etc.

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10. SnapDeal: When Flipkart and Amazon were busy battling for the priced top position in e-retailing in India, Snapdeal made a quiet and firm entry and have been doing really well since then. With wide marketing strategies and a huge range of products, they are a name to reckon with.

11.Shopclues.com: Another great option to check for your little one's purchases. With great detailing in toys, apparels, footwear and even maternity care, this is a name that is popular over the last few years. 

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