Apr 19th 2012

Mummy Ka Magic Childrens Recipes


Its not like there is a dearth of great food shows on TV and infact they are now across so many channels that its tough to choose. Then what really draws us to an Indian TV Channel and a show like Mummy Ka Magic?

Well its actually quite simple we are vegetarians and live in a country where all ingredients are not easily available and some times when you want to dish out something immediately the process of getting the right ingredient can be quite painful so that’s what makes me gravitate towards watching an Indian cooking show and especially by a mom.

The other and more important bit is I truly believe that Indian food is extremely healthy and the spices and flavours that our country has to offer is unbeatable. I do believe that you should eat local and what your body has been used to eating since childhood will always suit you best.

So we watch Mummy Ka Magic on the newly launched Food Food channel and here is why you should watch it too. Mummy Ka Magic is essentially a show that caters to parents who can rustle up tasty, delectable-looking yet nutritious cuisines for their children, especially since they are such fussy eaters. They usually cook up 3 recipes – a snack, a main course and a dessert.

So expect some great healthy recipes infused with veggies, fruits, whole grains and ofcourse some sinful stuff too. Like I always say when serving kids presentation is of utmost importance so making them exciting with shapes, colours and creations is very important. Very important is to name the recipes too. So do browse through the show once in a while and you could end up watching some great recipes that serve those fussy taste buds.

Here is a video of one of the shows. Hope you have checked out our recipe on Home Made Ice Cream  and Like us on facebook now to know all thats happening in kidville.


23 Comments on “Mummy Ka Magic Childrens Recipes”

  1. I Luv watching your show Amrita !!!!! & you rock…..

  2. i like this cooking show much because i luv cookihng

  3. i like this show very much the recipes i like that and i note in my diary
    and on sunday my child means my daughter go play with her friends to play badminton at that time i starts to make the recipe and when she comes at home i give to her to eat………………
    from namita gupta

    dear amrita raichand

    i like your dishes very much and u look so beautiful……… and i think that i should become a chef like you from shivani namita gupta daughter

  4. i love wathing mummy ka magic

  5. i really love this show very much… ryt now m in 12th but during vacations iam going to try all the recipies noted in my dairy……..

  6. i like to watch mummy ka magic

  7. I really like ur show..its very good 4 all ages

  8. i love ur programme mummy ka magic amrita.

  9. I like watching ur shows

  10. Ragini Jaiswal -

    I like so much your show and recipes and i always try your delicious recipes.

  11. hlo i m your big fan

  12. I like the show everymuch. amritas presentation is every attractive.

  13. i love verry verry much this program

  14. Hi amritaji i really like your show very much i enjoy your show, infact i m not missing a single show of yours, i note each and every new recipes and trying to make in my kitchen i would like to join u in your kitchen.

  15. minita choudhary -

    Hi Amrita, i really like the show very much. My daughter (3 yrs old) use to eat a little bit but not the vegies. I want the eating solution w.r.t the vegies for my daughter. I will be very thankful to you.

  16. i really really love ur program……….

  17. Dear Amrita,
    Hi,its so nice to see on of my classmate hosting the show.Remember…we used to study in the same class in Carmel.Anyway…my cake never becomes spongy when I use microwave oven-convection option.Is it true that cake will not become perfect in microwave?It onl?y comes out well if done in oven?Tell me if the other baking dishes like pudding,pizza,tandoor.baked paneer balls etc can be done in microwave oven?if so then in which option?

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