Safe mosquito repellents for babies

This was an important article given the BMC is having a hard time fighting cases of Malaria in the city. The season has just started so make sure you are well equipped. Its also important given the traveling most parents are doing during this time of the year so if you are staying or traveling to an Asian country then this post is extremely important for you. If you are wondering why do I need to look or think beyond Odomos if you are an Indian mom and if you dont know about mosquitos and India then read on.

Babies have extremely sensitive skin and this is no news to any of us as mothers. We take utmost care in choosing the right cream, bath soaps, lotions, shampoos for o ur babies basis their skin types then why not a mosquito repellent.

Why you should buy them?

1. Great when you are traveling or going to a place that is outdoors and may have a lot insects.

2. Electronic repellents are always inhaled and even though they are safe lack portability

3. Liquids, Creams or sticks usually contain an ingredient called DEET which is not very safe.

Search for products that use natural citronella oil.

In the last 3 years I have tried a lot of options that have worked not worked and here are the best 5 that we thought worked:

1. Mosquito Patches: These are little stickers that you can stick on the babies clothing at the back so he is not aware that there is something on him. No skin contact.

2. Chicco Mosquito Spray with Citronella is natural & safe

3. Mosquito Bands: These I would recommend for older kids say about 5 - 6 years plus. The younger ones are always curious and may just give the taste buds a lick

4. Odomos Spray: I have tried the newly launched Odomos Spray and feel that it has been effective and safe on the daughters skin for occasional use.

5. Mosquito Wipes: A lot of moms recommend the Anti - Mosquito wipes by Pigeon so you can try these too.

Where you can get them?  Try your local department stores, chemists and stores that keep a lot of imported baby products. You are sure to find these in Mumbai at Kamdhenu, Amarsons, Baby Belle, Just moms, Premsons and chicco stores. If you have someone traveling to Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok then please stock on these. The pigeon wipes & Chicco repellent is available on Indian websites like Hushbabies, Firstcry & Babyoye.

Hope this was helpful and will keep you and your baby safe. This is a website for the parents and we would love to know your ideas and feedback. If you would like to contribute and share your ideas please write to us at [email protected] . You can also share your ideas on facebook HERE or follow us on Twitter here