Feb 18th 2013

Review: Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs musical for kids

Snow white & the & dwarfs musical in India (2)

Before we let the cat out of the bag we must modestly confess that Kids Stop Press.com is the only source of a published review for this Broadway Musical for kids . Drum Rolls to that please!!! So if you are a regular reader and follow us on Facebook here & on our Twitter handle @kidsstoppress then you should pat your back!!!

It was a full house at the Comedy Store and I am sure the same momentum will continue all through the other shows. Attribute this to the lack of kids theatre in the country or to a simple story presented with glamour extraordinaire.

Produced and directed by the same team of the Magic of Christmas this has all the ingredients of a ‘masala entertainer’.  A little bit of drama, little more acting and lots more relevant and Broadway style costumes & music. The play commences infusing energy with a classic that gets the actors grooving to some latino dance on Absolutely Everybody with the entertaining Vishal Asrani and the versatile Sarosh Nanavaty. Moving on Vishal does the classic of the mobile instructions involving the kids and getting them up on stage. Ofcourse the kids love it and the pushy moms go, go beta go. :)

The story starts with gobelffaipixie – well don’t try to Google that and wait for Vishal to tell you that. This high drama,  high octane narrative style musical has shimmer, bling, feathers, velvet, esque Studio 56 style. Guys its a broadway please…

Sarosh nanavaty plays her part of being as evil, beautiful and full of authority making her audience believe that evil is not what they want to be and bad is not good.

Snow White’s piercing purity and sunny optimism beg to be branded naivete. She exudes kindness and seems polite, gentle and respectful just what how we like our children to be!!! (Wishful thinking)

Snow white & the & dwarfs musical in India (1)

The dwarfs played by school children are the cutest ever. They danced, sang and acted like stars in the making. They made their introduction song with Snow White the highlight of the play with the kids clapping and cheering them and made you for a split second feel like you were at Hard Rock Cafe with YMCA queued in. The kids waited for the dwarfs to appear from the aisle from where they exited diffusing the evil aura that Queen Evelina creates.

The fairy tale is told in the perfect pitch, words, voice, acts, expressions and honesty. A special mention on the costumes which live upto play an important part in a fairy tale and make you realize that presentation is key to those little minds. A couple of songs like the song between Prince Charming & Snow White could have been skipped with a crisper ending and a tad bit less emphasis on the Magic words but maybe repetition may get the kids to start using them now

Simple story that we’ve all heard possibly every night but when retold broadway, musical style makes all the difference and that’s why you must take your kids for this musical. So book your tickets now on Book My Show

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