Review: Traveller Kids Activity Box India

Review for traveller kids activity box for kids india

Edu – taining is the new buzzword and Traveller Kids follows it quite well. Variety, bright colors, quality, great learning & loads of activities is what I’d expected before I could open this little activity box and let me tell you almost all my expectations were met. With a host of activities to choose from our kids will be kept occupied for quite a bit. This box can be more fun if your kids have friends over, because there are a few activities like the spell buzz and bingo which involve more than 2 or 3 players. I advise one elder person to be present while the kids are at play so that they can be well guided and understand the true essence of the box to be able to make the box more enjoyable and something to learn from.

The Traveller Kids boxes have a specific country theme and provide extensive learning in creative and fun ways about that particular country through 9 to 10 different activities.

Here’s a picture of their Starters Kit:

Review Traveller kids, starter Kit India contents

For example we tried out the Traveller Kids Box themed: Atlas Goes to the USA, which included interesting facts about the USA to learn from: The culture, food, monuments, its people and discoveries through a host of activities designed especially for kids to learn in a fun way:

Games: spell buzz and bingo with a twist,

Craft: making a 3D Statue of Liberty, Halloween & Thanks giving craft

Interactive toys: Constellation toy (blue in picture) which has holes in punched in a round shaped plastic sheet in the pattern of the particular constellation and when you flash a flash light behind it in complete darkness you can see the constellation. Something that impressed us!!

Other than that as I told you get a Visa, Boarding Pass, a sticker sheet a giant baseball hand and most importantly an interactive book full of interesting facts about USA cluttered with activities like puzzles, crosswords, mathematical activities, interesting pictures and so much more to learn from.

Activity box traveller kids India, Inside the box

What we liked:

  1. Kids get a hands on feel of little things which could actually give them knowledge about interesting facts thus improving their reasoning, logic and GK. For example: The box included an Air Ticket, a Visa and a Post Card with bright colours.
  2. Kids will be kept engaged in meaningful learning through activities and games so mommies don’t worry this box is safe for kids to spend time with for hours together.
  3. The variety is something that kept me interested as I personally went through the box   
  4. You can subscribe for 3 months, 6 months or buy each of the books, activities, DIY craft ideas or souvenirs individually too. There are very subscription boxes who offer that
  5. The thought put into each activity as they link something informative about a country to the activity.

Activity boxes for kids india, Traveller kids

What we’d expect:

Most of the activities besides a few are one timers and cannot be utilized repeatedly. So we’d hope for more activities which can be used frequently.

Traveller Kids also left us feeling a little hungry after  a full meal. While the kids enjoyed the passport and a few activities it fail to engage them for a longer duration. Facts, figures information is readily available on the internet and is dynamic not giving you a strong enough reason to subscribe

For Ages: 5-11 years

Price: Rs 900 onwards


You could purchase or subscribe to these boxes on their web below:


Delivery time- 2-3 Days

Area of service: Pan India                    

Visit and like: Facebook 

Twitter: @TravellerKids                          

Call: 011-41616050

Address: E-162, Kalkaji, New Delhi, 110019

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2 thoughts on “Review: Traveller Kids Activity Box India

  1. dhanishta

    Hi! I have tried the France Kit and my son was absolutely excited on seeing the “beret”, a traditional cap with the packet. I agree that the activities are one time u se (like the soap making kit that I got in the France box) and that could be changed. Over-all it is a great concept!

  2. Priyanka

    Hi Dhanishta!

    We are happy to know that your son loved the France box and the beret hat :)

    We add a book, souvenir and 1 or 2 games that can be used and played multiple number of times in each Country Box. However, will keep in mind your concerns and add reusable craft activities as well. Do keep checking our website for more updates and changes!

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Traveller Kids


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