12 Natural ways to keep Mosquitoes away!


If you are planning a holiday or busy packing for your monsoon getaway I'm sure you've packed in the patches, odomos and all that we recommended in our 11 mosquito repellents(read here). While I am all for using products that are effective and important for times when you are on the go but here are more natural ways to combat the fight. Its also important to understand the harmful effects of these sprays & chemicals.

1. Garlic: This all-natural, environmentally-friendly vegetable can be liquefied into concentrated garlic juice, add a pinch of Sea salt and olive oil to preserve it. Apply to corners of the rooms and beds everyday. Do not apply on baby skin directly as it can be quite strong. If you wish to experts recommend mixing one part of garlic juice with 5 parts of water. Look for repellents that contain garlic extracts.


2. Lemon: Cut up a dozen fresh lemons and place them at the windows. Lemon grass will do the trick too. The smell drives most of the mosquitoes away. Use this in combination with your fan, and you've really made a safe haven.


3. Neem Cream: A simple and effective way to prevent malaria is neem cream. We all know that neem leaves are bitter and are hung in bunches to repel mosquitos. The cream also promises to be just as effective.

mosquito repellent neem cream

4. Fra­grance –free: Since mos­qui­toes are attracted to fra­grances, it’s  a good idea to avoid wear­ing per­fumes and scented prod­ucts while you’re out­side. Make sure you use Fragrance FREE lotions and creams for your babies. Also, be sure to watch your use of scented fab­ric soft­en­ers and dryer sheets, which can remain on your clothes well after laundering.

no fragrance

5. Laven­der Oil: Not only does laven­der oil smell sim­ply won­der­ful, but this essen­tial oil also pro­vides effec­tive mosquito-repelling power. Laven­der Oil can be found in a vari­ety of prod­ucts such as lotions, soaps, sprays and gels that are applied top­i­cally. Laven­der oil can be mixed with other essen­tial oils to boost its ben­e­fits or applied alone. After using this poten­tial nat­ural oil, you’ll never want to go back to the chem­i­cal stuff again.


6. Plant Mosquito-repelling Plants: An easy way to repel mos­qui­toes and spruce up your window ledge is to plant bug-repelling plants. Tan­sies, Marigolds, Cat­nip, Aloe Vera, Thai Lemon Grass, Cit­ronella Grass and Gar­lic are excel­lent, nat­ural mos­quito repel­lents. These plants give off an odor that’s unpleas­ant to mos­qui­toes and will send them fly­ing far away.


7. Vicks Vaporub: This one is actually came as a  surprise but a very effective and completely non-toxic mosquito repellent. So be it cold or no cold vicks has been proven to be a very effective and easily available mosquito repellent. I actually tried this on a holiday where there were no other options but a Bottle of Vicks in my medicine pouch for kids. Would recommend using this only when the kids are asleep so they cant get it in their mouth.

mosquito repellent vicks

8. Citronella Oil: Citronella oil has been found to be an effective mosquito repellents, and many natural repellents available in international markets too use citronella oil. Try and get your hands on a bottle of essential Citronella oil, and apply this to your skin. The oil can also be used in a candle. It should keep mosquitoes at bay.

mosquito repellent citronella

9. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera plant is another very effective way to drive those buzzing pests away. A paste from the aloe vera sap can be easily applied to the skin and it has no other  side effects but helps the skin too.

mosquito repellent aloe vera

10. Catnip Oil: Believe it or not, the essential oil in catnip, nepetalactone, repels mosquitos. Though it is hard to get in India.

catnip oil

11. Soy­bean Oil: Soy­bean oil is a veg­etable oil that has been extracted from the seeds of a soy­bean. Although soy­bean oil is pre­dom­i­nately used in cook­ing and hard to find in India, it does have an awe­some mosquito-repelling pow­ers.

soybean oil

12. Other Essential Oils: Eucalyptus, lemon tree, peppermint oils have special properties that help to repel mosquitoes away. These oils can also be boiled in neem water and made into a mosquito repelling spray.

mosquito repellent eucalaptus oil

These methods are sure to work and if you have any other methods, do share them with us in the comments below. For more such related articles and news check out our website Kidsstoppress.com and also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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