The Big Umbrella Preschool in Mumbai

the big umbrella preschool, Mumbai

Education is probably one of the most important criteria, especially in a country like India, where the literacy rate is only about 65%. Educating our children is not only the responsibility of parents but also the responsibility of the citizens, so that our kids can learn, become more knowledgeable and finally can face the world independently. Right? But which school is the best for your little ones where learning is fun and exciting! Refer to our guide on Choosing a preschool

A walk under the Big Umbrella:

On our visit to the The Big Umbrella Preschool the M.D. Mr. Nisarg Doshi took us around to explain each aspect of learning as a creative and holistic process. His passion for providing a quality learning centre and attention to care is what we appreciate the most.

Preschools are often a first step to learning unlike what is interpreted today - first step to school admissions. Education is a dynamic and creative process, with give and take between teachers, caregivers and children. The Big Umbrella is a new, smart and innovative preschool, where toddlers are given the best environment so they can play, explore and learn. And we sure concur with their belief  that when a child is put at the centre of all processes, you help raise a balanced child. This motto is what has made this Preschool such a success so far!

the big umbrella preschool for kids

What’s unique??

  • The space is intelligently designed, full of interactive interiors and harmonious colour schemes.
  • All the equipment and materials that are used are imported from the U S – toys for constructive and imaginative play and motor skills development.
  • Their peep windows have a dual purpose of reassuring concerned parents while their reluctant toddlers are excited to participate.
  • They follow a simple open door policy where parents can voice their queries or concerns to the friendly staff and teachers who will help out instantly.
  • the big umbrella preschool for kids 1

More Under the Big Umbrella: 

  • The Discovery, Pre - Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes have a 5:1 student teacher ratio.
  • The Mommy & Me, Explorers, Pre – Discovery and The Drop -off classes have 8 children per class.
  • The teachers are highly qualified and specialized as they are up-to-date with the latest technologies and methodologies in preschool education

The safety of your tiny tots is well taken care of. They are well equipped with fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, cctv cameras and have a qualified staff of care- takers, attendants, nurses, pediatricians and specialists in learning disabilities. They also hold workshops and nature camps for kids so that they can see, learn and experience to love all things natural too.

the big umbrella preschool for kids 2

So parents if u want your kids to benefit from all that this preschool has to offer you can find them at:

Address: 79 /81 Nirmal Niwas 2 , Ground Floor, August Kranti Marg , Near Tejpal Auditorium, Gowalia Tank , Mumbai 400 036,India.

Contact: 022 43680000 for more details


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