Book Review: The Moon Wants to be Spotless White


Priya Narayanans debut book is a visual treat for the kids with a simple story that takes the kids to the end of a lovely tale with great ease.Recommended for age 4+ here is how the story unfolds

The plot:

The proud moon is very devastated when the stars and clouds make fun of a dark black spot on his otherwise pristine white body. He gets a great idea after seeing Dhobi Kaka washing clothes spotless clean. Mitra, like any 10 year old girl, hates going to school but instead loves to drift off into her world of imagination. So when the moon asks her to help him get dhobi kaka to get him spotless, she agrees

Dhobi kaka who is a wise old man decides to help the sweet girl out and the three of them embark on their nocturnal adventure. Everything goes as planned and the moon becomes spotless again but an unexpected storm blows the moon back into the skies. Although he becomes dirty again after his friends come to meet him, the moon realises that he was being selfish and that nothing is more important that friendship.

The story is simple yet brings out the profound value of friendship. The easy language and colourful illustrations makes it more attractive for the young readers of today. This book helps the independent young reader to open up a whole new world of imagination where celestial bodies have been personified.


We Loved:

  • The simple story is complimented with easy language for young readers.
  • The Hinglish thats entered our lives and helps the audience relate to the story more effectively and meanings of the same for better understanding
  • The beginning introduction of each character gets the reader acquainted with the story
  • The colourful illustrations that compliment the story.

Author: Priya Narayana

Illustrator: Sunita Mitra

Cost: Rs. 195/-

Available at leading bookstores & online stores