Review: Flinto Subscription Boxes for Kids


Subscription Boxes seem to be the buzz word in kids edutainment. When we received the Flinto Subscription Box for review there was a lot of curiosity to see how different is Flinto going to be. We opened the box and the topic of the month of September was Space Adventure! Not particularly one of my favourite topics only to realize how bias of a parent influences in what we end up teaching our kids about. That's why sometimes its so important for someone to tell us that kids this age should be learning about these topics too.


For me Flinto was just that. A lot of subscription boxes often flood you with activities that are immediate and once you are done with the box it kind of loses its relevance.

What we love about Flinto

1. The theme of the box carries through the month with a Puzzle and a book. This means the learning will stay back even after what he has created in the form of telescope, lamp or a Starzan Projector.

2. The use of basic objects to explain a concept. I never imagined creating a stary sky with just a simple paper glass, torch and toothpicks


Who should get Flinto?

1. If you are not as creative to come up with concepts like these

2. If you do not have the time to go and source for supplies and ideas

3. If you want your kids to learn about varied topics that you may or may not know about

What could have been better?

1. The instructions. I did need a little help with understanding them

2. Everything you need for an activity is not packed in one activity packet. It is staggered through the box

3. Age group. The box ideally aimed for children between ages 3 - 6 years can not be done interdependently by them or with them being the primary doers. I would recommend it for ages 4+ going up all the way till 7 or even 8 where they can do it on their own and the parent does not need to be around or do most of the stuff to get accurate results

I am definitely looking forward to their October box to see if they live upto the Buzz they have created with the August & September Boxes.

Flinto October box

Pricing: Rs 845 per box or look for their 6 month subscription deals here


Facebook: Flinto

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