Jul 7th 2014

7 Craft ideas for kids this week – Monsoon edition

It’s a fact that kids love craft, and so do we love presenting them with some innovative craft ideas to let them explore their creative side. So unlike last week, this week too, we have come up with some cool craft ideas that can keep your kids glued onto for the whole week. If you missed our roundup of Week 1 then click here. 

So, grab your scissors and glues and get ready to prepare some artistic products by using our sneaky ideas.

1. Homemade puffy paints
When the foreboding clouds completely mess up any chance to go out and have fun, this awesome craft idea comes to rescue. Home made puffy paints give a great 3D effect to all your child’s beautiful and wacky paintings!. Read More:

Craft idea1

2. Rain Drop banner Craft
It’s raining and it’s pouring! The rains are finally here and it’s time to match the theme of your child’s room to the theme of the season! And if the rains have still not reached your doorstep then put up this pretty rain drop banner in the house this may just please the rain Gods! Read More


3.  Jellyfish in a bottle
So the rains have completely poured water over your weekend beach plans and hopes of sighting a jelly fish or at least some sea creature are all in vain. Don’t worry you can make your very own jellyfish and enjoy the simplicity and prettiness of it! Read More

Craft idea 3

4. Plant Friends
The rains are here and it’s time to have some greenery in this dull urban cement life we lead! So get your children to make cool new plant friends and also help them take care of these friends. A very fun and educational craft idea for this monsoon Read More: Doodle Craft Blog

Craft idea 4

5.Themed baths
This is an awesome way to get your child to take a bath after they come back dirty and tired from the wet and pouring rain. Get them into a bath tub with props, warm coloured water and watch them enjoy their baths and ask for more! Read more

craft idea 5

6. Bubble painting
There are events coming around the corner and you can’t step out in the rain to get cool handmade paper? Well your kid and you can do this awesome craft, bubble painting and make pretty colorful cards that shall brighten up the dull rains! We tried this technique at the Make n Bake and Kidsstoppress Tea Party and you click here to see how it’s done. Read More

 Craft idea 6

7. Rainy Day Theatre
It’s time for a rainy day puppet Theatre! Get your kids to make and build a mini theatre out of a cardboard box and make puppets out of sheets of paper! Build your own story and let their imaginations run wild! Read More

craft ideas with kids_puppets theatre

I hope you enjoy creating these lovely pieces and do share your feedback on which topics you would like us to cover for you. Stay tuned for next week with a whole lot of fun crafts so stay tuned and make sure you are following us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram


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