20 fun math learning craft ideas for kids

Last week we came up with an interesting way to teach colours to kids, this week over we get you a range of ideas to make maths a fun learning activity for kids.

1. Counting sticks: These are colorful numbered sticks with a magnetic strip to teach your kids numbers with pins. Read on to know how you can make your own or shop for them at Boredom Busters.  Read more

counting sticks

2. Learning Math with loose parts: You can teach your kids numbers in a creative way by using loose parts like dice, wooden numbers, etc. Read more

learning math with loose parts

3. Counting Warm Ups: Here are different ways you can make counting fun for your kids with play dough. Read more

counting warm ups

4. Run and Count: This is an activity which requires craft in its set up and makes kids learn counting in a very easy way without getting bored. Read more

run and count2

5. Shaping graphs: Children are always up for games. Make your kids familiar with shapes by making it a game. Read more

shaping graphs

6. DIY color sorting game: Make kids learn colors by this do-it-yourself color sorting game. Read more

diy color sorting game

7. Lego Color and Shape Sorting: An interesting way to make your baby learn shapes and colors. This game requires just a base plate and some colorful blocks. Read more

lego color and shape sorting

8. Montessori inspired math activities: Playing with cubes is so much fun but have you ever taught numbers to your kids by using cubes? Read more

Montessori inspired math activities

9. Math Patterns: Teach your kiddos math patterns by using translucent counters and geoboards. Read more 

math patterns

10. Tactile counting game: A smart activity to make your kids learn numbers as well as bringing out their crafty skills. Read more

tactile counting games

11. Card Game: For all the boys this craft game is a super hit to teach colours and patterns. Read more

car-d game

12. Color sorting game: You can make your kids learn colors by collecting all their toys and putting different colored sheets across. Ask your kids to put the toy upon the same colored sheet. Read more

color sorting game (2)

13. Homework study tools: Make math tables fun by creating this match the following study tool for your kids. Read more

homework study tools

14. Jellybean math: Math and candies is a great combination to teach. Read more.

jellybean math (1)

15. Math with clothespin: If your child is ready to learn some addition in math, here is a fun activity using clothespins. Read more.

math with clothespins

16. Math fun and learning: Teaching math with articles like dice, wooden numbers, glass pebbles etc is a way where your child will not run away from maths. Read more.

math fun and learning

17. Counting carrots: Another activity to bring out creative skills in your child and teach them numbers. Read more.

counting carrots

18. Toddler tasks: Teach your kids letter formation and letter recognition with these cool activities. Read more.

toddler tasks

19. Piggy bank project: A different way to teach your kids the concepts of spending, saving and sharing money. Read more.

piggy bank project


20. DIY Maths Puzzlers:
If at all your kids are bored of those worksheets, then this is a great way to learn. 

math puzzlers-craft ideas

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