Review: Subscription Boxes For Your Curious Scientist! Experiment And Learn The Fun Way!

Monthly Science Box from ZLife Education  is all about science! A fun way to make your kids understand the basics and complexities of science is let them learn by doing experiments. While reading textbooks and memorising formulae only makes them retain the information for sometime, the memory of learning through an experiment will ensure the memory stays on forever!

What It Is?

What’s a Science box? A new concept that allows kids in the age of 7 to 13 years to delve deeper into the amazing world of science with home experiments. Each box comes neatly packed in a slim package and every item, especially the liquids are packed in leak proof bags.

What’s In The Monthly Science Box:

  • Each science box comes with 4 experiments. Topics range from chemistry & colours, rocketry and air flight, engineering and construction, simple electronics, forensic and microscope, and so much more.
  • Safety gears like goggles and gloves are provided to keep children safe while doing the experiments.
  • Tools used in science labs like thermometers, beakers and test tubes which can be reused over and over again.
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions and YouTube videos which show you how to do the experiments.

Here are a few examples of what your children will learn.

  • The concept of acids, bases, and reactions using a pH indicator strip
  • With an effervescence test, they will learn how salt is formed with the Acid-Base box.

  • Flight and Motion box - Children will learn to build their own car that works with balloon and test out Newtons 3rd law of motion. Or try their hand at engineering as they design and launch their own rocket using parts such as fins, nose cone, tube.

How To Subscribe?

Log on to to start your subscription, you can choose to subscribe for 3 months/6 months/12 months.

Kidsstoppress readers already know that we love to learn through experiments and bring you science activities that you can do with your children week after week. We loved the science subscription box for precisely that fact! This  science box was a refreshing change from all the other subscription boxes which are mostly art and craft based.  The science activities aim to aid the developmental needs of children and give them a whole world to explore, discover, and understand.

science experiment 1

What Can Be Worked On?

The price was a little steep compared to other subscription boxes. This needs to be worked on to reach a wide audience. Each box costs around Rs 1500 per box.

science experimennt 7

science experiment 2

science experiment 5

science experiment 6

science experiment 8

Contact Details:

Website: Zlife Education

Youtube Channel: Zlife Education

Facebook: Zlife Education

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