Review: Is The Personal Math Teacher You Want For Your Child

All through my school years Mathematics filled me with dread. I would wake up in a cold sweat the night before my exam and no matter how much I studied I always felt like I knew nothing. Through every class I felt like I needed the teacher to explain the problem a little better to me, but the rest of the class had already understood, so she would move on. I lacked the personal attention. That's why I love the idea of so much!

begalileo_kidsstoppress wants to move away from mass education and offers custom, personalized lessons that are tailor made to suit a child's requirements. It is the personal attention every child craves, all while mastering a tough subject. What could be better!

What it is? 

begalileo_kidsstoppress1 is a website that works like a personal tutor. It is a personalised, self learning platform that allows a student to understand math concepts and avoid rote learning. Every child that enrolls is given a diagnostic assessment. Once the problem areas are identified a unique, customised learning path is developed. The customised plan makes sure the curriculum remains interesting for the student and never gets boring. Through instant feedback, video lessons, and motivational badges students are persuaded to constantly do better.

Begalileo was started by CarveNiche Technologies to better the state of education today through innovation, personalisation and most importantly, technology.

How it works


Once the child's level has been ascertained, Begalileo presents and modifies the presentation material accordingly. The student practices the skills through endless practice papers, getting better and better at the lesson. Students can expect instant feedback to questions and will learn wanting to get better because of the motivational reward badges.

The algorithm presents questions based on the child's skill level and always makes it slightly tougher than the child's current skill level. The curriculum is based on standard NCERT recommendations and students studying in any board can register and learn.

What we love!

  • We love that a child can get instant help whenever he needs it. There is no waiting time
  • A child can master a level and continue to move up. Just because he is in a particular grade doesn't stop him from continuing to learn a skill from a higher grade
  • The fun ways begalileo motivates students to keep learning
  • Once a child signs up, they can access their profile from anywhere - laptop, phone and computer with just their unique id and login. So learning and practicing isn't limited to just the home.
  • The practice sheets are set by a team of acclaimed academicians and math educators.

Subscription packs and pricing

As parents you choose the subscription model you want for your child. It is divided into Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum packs - each offering a different level of service. The basic package with limited service is free for life. The Platinum pack will cost you Rs 9000 for 3 months.

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