10 Simple, Easy To Make Sensory Bins To Fuel Your Child’s Curiosity

You know that look babies have on their face when they touch fur for the first time? Or how about when they run their fingers through sand? When babies touch a texture that is new and unfamiliar they are working on their sensory skills. So why not let them have fun while they develop this all important sense? A Sensory Box is a container filled with any kind of tactile fillers that children can explore using their senses like sight, touch and smell. It's a great way for children to learn about their surroundings, engage their senses and also to calm them and help build focus. You could use practically anything with a texture as a filler for the sensory box - think craft sand, beach sand, cloud dough, birdseed, rice, lentils, and even water can be used as the base to give that perfect sensory experience to toddlers.

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All you need is a filler, a container big enough so your child can play and explore the contents without spilling, and if you have a theme in mind, the sky's the limit! Be warned that sensory bins can get messy and need a bit of planning depending on what theme you choose. This activity is perfect for a rainy day or simply when mom needs a little peace and quiet time! We have a complete list of sensory bins for you to replicate at home!

Pipeline Sensory Bin

A container filled with beach sand and a few PVC tubes is all you need for this activity that will keep your little toddler engrossed for hours together. Attaching the tubes and building various patterned passages to pass the sand will boost your child's constructive skills. You can also add shovels and small buckets to help pour sand through the tubes. Read more here.


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Frozen Sensory Bin

Elsa is every girl's imaginary best friend. So why not set up a learning activity for your little princesses around their favourite Frozen theme. The tiny character figurines and several Frozen inspired materials  in the bin will help your little one build up stories and boost their imagination skills. Read more here.


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Construction Zone Sensory Bin

This one is for all the construction truck lovers. Their imagination knows no bounds when it comes creating stories around their little construction site. This super simple construction zone sensory bin is not only easy to put together but will also help encourage pretend play, conversation skills and independent play. All you need are some rocks, pebbles and maybe even some sand. Add some construction trucks and you have a bin! Read more here.


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Button Excavating Sensory bin

The Button Excavating bin  is simple to set up with easily available supplies. It will hold a child's attention for much longer as the child keeps digging and straining the buttons. Simply dump two boxes of corn meal into a small storage tub, add in a few handfuls of buttons and some colanders/strainers. Read more here.


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Bugs World Sensory Bin

Bugs World sensory is a great way to explore and learn about bugs from the comfort of your home on a rainy day. All you need for this simple sensory bin is  black beans for the base, plastic insects and bug hunter tools such as a net, magnifying glass, and magnified bug container. Read more here.


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Ocean and Water Bead Sensory Bin

Create a wonderful ocean right at your home to give that perfect learning experience about the sea creatures to your toddlers with this great Ocean and Water Bead sensory bin. Water Beads are wonderful for sensory activities and give a whole lot of squishy and slippery fun. Leave your dry beads covered with water for a few hours and watch them grow. Add ocean creatures and have oodles of sensory fun. Read more here.


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Dinosaur Play

Dinosaurs are extinct but which kid doesn't love them? Create a small dinosaur world and encourage them to learn about this marvellous creature. Provide them with information and introduce new vocabulary. This activity will need extensive planning but the efforts will be totally worth it. Read more here.


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Galaxy Sensory Bin

Space has never failed to astonish us! This is a great way to introduce space to your little ones. Create your own space in all its glory in a box!  The space box will encourage them to ask tons of questions about astronauts, satellites, rockets and planets. Read more here.


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Farm Sensory Bin

Learn all about farm animals, their homes and babies through this farm inspired sensory bin. Read them farm stories and spark a conversation about how a farm functions. Build stories around the farm with a tiny farmer and a tractor on the field. Build a scarecrow and a barn too. The possibilities are endless. Read more here.


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Desert Sensory Bin

A simple sensory bin idea for which you will need sand, some desert toob animals and cactus plant.  Read more here.


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