A KSP Special: The Most Exciting Products & Services For Parents In India Right Now!

As a parenting website, we see so many products and services that claim to help parents with the whole parenting gig. We must admit, parents in India are in pretty good hands at the moment. In the past few years, there has been an explosion of products and services that cater to a parent's every whim and fancy. If you can think of it, there is already a startup working on it!

So just so you are well informed of these great products we have an entire list of what we think are the most exciting products and services for parents in India right now!

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Let's begin shall we?


One of the things that parents spend a lot on from the time a child is born. Here are some of our favourite brands for kids in India today.

Love The World Today

A children's clothing brand started by two sisters, this label uses fabric woven by artisans from all over the country. They are organic, grown locally, and dyed using herbal dyes which cause absolutely no harm to the environment. They have brought back the concept of the good ol kurta pyjama and we love them for that too! The best part? Once your child outgrows something, simply return it and they will donate the good ones and upcycle the ones that are worn out! Read our review here.

Little Pixie

Tired of buying dresses for your little girl that make her look too old, or even worse something almost every other girl has? Then you need to look at Little Pixie! Party dresses for little girls that are comfortable, chic, and so stylish, you will wonder why they don't make them in your size! Plus you can shop for your daughter's ethnic, festive wear tvoo! Read our review here.

Designer Wear- Kidsstoppress - Little Pixie 1

Bon Organik

Perfect for when you want that picture where you and your child are dressed in me and mini-me clothing. Tough to find elsewhere, but that's why Bon Organik is such a find! Get ready to click that frame worthy pic or make a statement when you hit the party with clothes that scream Family! They have clothes that you can match with Dad, Mom, and adorable sibling outfits. Plus, they have special stuff over Rakshabandhan which you must check out! Read our review here.


Forty Red Bangles

This brand is doing so much good with its products, we can hardly stand it! In addition to their clothes and designs which we love, they have managed to hit the right between organic and sustainable clothing and ecologically responsible business. While they do have collection for men and women, their children's clothing is soft, comfortable and something no kid can refuse.

Night Wear Brands Kidsstoppress.com Forty Red Bangles

Magic Fairy and Masaba Gupta

Imagine one of India's top designers making clothes especially for kids? Sounds exciting doesn't it? If you are looking for that special outfit for a special occasion for your child then Magic Fairy and Masaba  is so worth checking out. Magic Fairy is well known for party dresses for kids, but add that Masaba touch, and that collection becomes a whole new thing! Inspired by quirky things that kids love, this collection should be on your must buy list now! Read more here.

review_masaba magic fairy_kidsstoppress

Fizzy Goblet

Love shoes and love to colour? Put them two together and you have Fizzy Goblet! A range of high-quality footwear that kids can colour and then wear guarantees a long love affair with this brand. What we love about this brand is the unique idea of keeping kids entertained and responsible for their shoes by asking them to colour it in and also the quality of this product. Read our review here.

fizzy goblet 4

Toys and Games

As a parent we are always looking for the best games to entertain and enrich our child's mind and help in their mental and physical development. Here are some of our favourites.


Hate battery operated, mass produced, cheap plastic toys? Then you will love Shumee! This is a range of hand crafted, wooden toys with natural, water-based dyes that are lead and chemical free. Shumee toys aid the natural development of children and provide a platform for open and creative play rather than closed and directed play. Read our review here.

shumee_review_tree doll house_kidsstoppress


Based on Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligence, this subscription box offers children 4-6 different learning activities for independent play. With so many subscription boxes in the market today, PodSquad works on a theory that allows children to try different things without getting stuck on one particular theme or game. Read our review here.

podsquad 3_kidsstoppress


Remember Gilli Danda, Chaupad, Panch Kone? It has been ages since you played them right? And kids today, probably have never even heard of these games! It is time to bring them back and that's exactly what Kreeda does! Kreeda recreates traditional games in an environmentally friendly manner so kids today can play these games with their entire family.



Learning about travel and geography became a lot more fun with access to the large variety of educational games at CocoMoco. From maps, words games and a ton of DIY activities, the little explorers are encouraged to develop cognitive and fine motor skills. Read our review here.

coco moco

Goodie Bag

Goodie Bag brings the best of educational toys and games from across the globe. Their mission is to make the best international and Indian games and toys available to everyone. They take the time to test the games and if you are unsure about a particular game, they will help you understand how the game is played and its various uses. They are also there to tell you if the game you have selected is age appropriate. Read our review here.

the_goodie_bag_, logo

Books and Stationery

You can't really seperate childhood and books right? Actually you shouldn't! Here are some of our favourites that are burning up the space right now!


This is a subscription box on books curated by authors and educators, who actually know what kids should be reading. If you subscribe to Enchantico's box you get access to 2 books picked especially for them, some fun collectibles like a map, a journal to write down their thoughts or an activity game. Read our review here.

enchantico2_review_subscription box for kids_kidsstoppress

Red Turtle

Parents are always looking for ways to get their kids to read books which will engage them and help them learn about new things. Red Turtle Publishers brings you the best Indian authors who write for children and give you access to some brilliant work. Read the review here.

red turtle books -kidsstoppress


Tired of reading about Jack and Harry? Or simply can't explain what vales and snowy peaks are to your child? With FunOKPlease that problem too has been solved. FunOKPlease creates books for the curious Indian mind. The books have Indian names, faces, places and things - all of which our kids can identify easily. They believe that kids will read and have fun learning only when they can relate to them. Read more here.

366 words by funokplease


I can never tire of stationery and even more so when this brand of eco-friendly stationery can run the range from waterproof notebooks to plantable pencils and paper! What a wonderful way to teach kids to be more environmentally conscious while indulging their love for stationery! Read our review here. 

Pencil_kidsstoppress_jalebi review

Paper Crush

Think of beautiful, colourful, fun-looking stationary - and Paper Crush has it all for you. Journals, Scribble Lists, Planners, Baby Memory Books - you name it and you can get all of it and more here. With their simple and unique designs, they are a must visit if you're looking for any of the above. Read our review here.

paper crush_review_kidsstoppress


As parents these days we are very aware of decor in our kids rooms and hate the run of the mill, standard options. Here are some great products that parents and kids will love.

Tura Turi

Tura Turi is an Indian folklore and art inspired quilting company started by two sisters and their love for everything Indian. Each exquisite quilt is handcrafted and tells a story. Bright, colourful and made with the finest fabric, Tura Turi also has muslin swaddles, limited edition muslin shirts and baby blankets. Read our review here.

tura turi edited_kidsstoppress


Masilo specialises in organic baby bedding and gifts. Their collection includes dohars, bolsters, quilts, buntings and storage bags to name a few. Their designs are digital as well as contemporary and are ideal to impress a new mommy. Read our review here.

masilo Organic Cotton Bedding_kidsstoppress

Two for Joy

Bright designs and colourful handcrafted products got a thumbs up from parents who have used them. You can have your child's nursery decorated or their birthday party return presents designed - be assured it will be unique. Their products add an instant cheer to any surrounding. Read our review here.

Two for joy_review_kidsstoppress


Lil Ballerina Jewels

They sell a jewellery line for children and adults in sterling silver and 9K gold. They are always looking for young vibrant designs to keep up with the international standards. Their prices are affordable and are ideal gifts for a birth of a child or as a festive gift. Read our review here.

lil ballerina jewels_review_kidsstoppress

Other helpful things for parents

Anmol Wrap

Women have been carrying kids around in wraps made of chunnis and saris pullus for the longest time. Anmol Wrap brings it to your doorstep. Their wraps are extremely comfortable and take the strain off the moms shoulders while providing your baby with the security it needs. Read our review here.

Anmol Wrap Mansi zaveri

Conscious Collective

Conscious Collective offers hand-picked organic products for mommies to be to ease them through each trimester. They also have products for new born babies and new moms. Their hampers include beauty products, food items, nursery products and gifting options. Read our review here.



Think of it like this. You are out with your toddler and she happens to spill an entire cup of juice on herself or even has a bathroom accident. What do you do with those clothes? You can't keep sopping wet clothes in your purse right? That's when Befriend pouches come to the rescue. These pouches are waterproof and come in beautiful designs. They are also made by an NGO that ensures a livelihood for women tailors helping them empower themselves. Read our review here.

Befriend collection


You must keep this brand in mind for your next birthday party. Think of a child's birthday party and the image of trash cans overflowing with paper and plastic plates, spoons, cups, and napkins comes to mind. EcoWare will take care of all that. This is India's first completely biodegradable and compostable tableware. They have plates, boxes, plates with compartments and bowls so all your children's needs will be met! Watch our review here.

Ecoware featured

Slurrp Farm

Slurrp farm makes 100% organic, delicious, treats for kids today. They are inspired by and believe that it is time we return to the way our grandparents used to eat and hence bring that nutritious goodness to their products. They have a number of products that use lentils, whole wheat flours and super foods like ragi. Check them out today!



TrackSchoolBus is an app that is responsible for a lot of parents to breathe easy. It is a 3 way app that ensures parents, bus attendants and transport managers are in sync. Read our review here. 

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