15 Fun Activities To Help You Ring In Christmas With The Kids! Tra la la la!

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year and an absolute favourite. And I am filled with excitement as I share with you all the various Christmas Countdown Activities that you can do with your children to ring in the holiday season. Here is a list of 15 activities that you can do with your child each day while you wait in anticipation for the favourite time of the year.

1.Make a Homemade Ornament

Christmas tree ornaments add all the glitz and colour to the tree, so why not make them at home? Your toddler will be most excited to be a part of the entire preparation process and will come up with great ideas to make his Christmas tree the most beautiful. So, pull out your favourite craft materials and get going with some lovely handmade creations for your Christmas tree this year!


Image Source: blog.consumercrafts.com

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2.Make Christmas Cookies

What's Christmas without cookies?! Gear up for the holiday season with some homemade cookies. Baking with kids is always fun and memorable with a little bit of mess all around in the kitchen.


Image Source: www.bettycrocker.com

3.Write A Letter To Santa

Write a letter to Santa and let him know whether you have been nice or naughty this year along with your wish list. WE are sure Santa will get your kids all the goodies they wished for!


4.Decorate Your Child’s Room

Get into the Christmas spirit with a lovely room decoration session with your child. Its a great way to get your kids creative with ideas to put together for a lovely room decor.


Image Source: www.shimelle.com

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5.Make a Snow Globe

The mini snow globes look super cute with a small world inside a jar. They are extremely easy to make and probably with the least number of supplies. Grab a few supplies and start making your own snow globes, today.


Image Source: www.blog.consumercrafts.com

6.Watch a Christmas Movie

A perfect way to celebrate the holiday season is to grab a DVD of your favourite Christmas movie and experience a theatre-like effect at home with dimmed lights and popcorn- but only in your most comfortable pyjamas!


Image Source: www.astoldbyashandshelbs.com

7.Put up a Nativity Crib

Set up a nativity scene right next to your Christmas tree and let your children know the 'The Story Of Birth of Jesus'. There are ready cribs available in the market. But if you wish to be creative, come up with your own creative ways to put up the nativity scene using stones, puppets etc. A good way to teach the kids all about Christmas as well as engage them with activities.


Image Source: www.babble.com

8.Make Christmas Cards 

The art of making cards seems to have got lost in today's tech-savvy times. Sit with your kids and help them make lovely, customized Christmas cards for everybody in the family!


Image Source: www.rindymae.blogspot.in

9.Make a Snowman (Real or Crafty!)

Cold winter restricting your child's outdoor play time? Don't worry. Making these snowman crafts together with the kids will be a great way to spend time and also enjoy the crafts time.


Image Source: www.freshdesignpedia.com

10.Make a Classic Stocking

You will absolutely fall in love with these Christmas stockings that are made from construction paper and can be easily decorated. Kids will love to come up with various ideas to decorate the stockings and you can slip in a present when they aren't watching!

Paper Christmas Stocking Craft Kids39 Crafts Firstpalette - Best Resume Example

Image Source: www.firstpalette.com

11.Decorate a Christmas Tree

Putting up the Christmas tree is the most exciting part of the entire Christmas celebration and the children will be more than happy to participate and show off their creative talent. Roll up your sleeves and come up with the best Christmas tree!


Image Source: www.fancycribs.com

12.Create Your Own Wrapping Paper

How cool would it be if you could add your own personal touch to each gift? The paper you wrap your gifts in is the perfect way to personalise your gift. So this season make your own beautifully, handcrafted wrapping paper to add that special touch to your gifts.


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13.Drive Around and Look at Christmas Lights

Just hop into the car and go in for a long ride across the city to see the various decorations and lightings on Christmas eve. Kids will love seeing the various Christmas trees, lights, bells and stars.


Image Source: www.firstpost.com

14.Drink Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows

Nothing can beat a cup of warm hot chocolate on a cold winter evening. Stay warm and cosy this Christmas with a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows. Wrap up the hot chocolate mixes as pretty Christmas gifts with marshmallows as a wintry treat.


15.Take a Family Holiday Photo

Festivals are best spent together with your family. Why not cherish the memory with a stunning family holiday photo shoot? So get everyone together for a lovely family portrait with their best smiles on!


Image Source: www.wackyowl.com

Merry Christmas!

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