4 Easy Ways To Get Your Child Interested In Art

The cat is finally out of the bag! Science is not the only thing that will make your little one smart. Research proves that art has various benefits on children, especially when exposed in early childhood. Here's proof!

Here's why you must teach your child to care about art!

Arts such as music, theatre, visual arts, and literature have a strong outcome on the child's social and emotional skills such as helping, caring, and sharing activities. Also, the National Endowment For The Arts (NEA) arts education specialist Terry Liu, has inferred that art when funnelled at an early age helps children to connect to the world around them faster.

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Another evidence is the study conducted by Psychologist Jennifer Drake, an assistant professor at Brooklyn College, on six to twelve-year-old kids. These studies proved that drawing can assuage the negative emotions a person feels upon being told to recall the details surrounding a sad personal event.

How do you navigate your child to develop a liking for arts?

1. Encourage your child to take part in art education programs. For example, Bengaluru has a plethora of art schools for your kid to enrol. The Kenfortes Art School, Konsult Art and Design Academy, Pencil & Chai, Chitrakala Parishat, Varnaalaya etc are some schools you must consider if you are looking at getting your children interested in arts.  Also, The National Gallery of Modern Art houses some paintings and sculptures of historic India. So plan a trip to one of these places if you are a Bengaluru resident.

2. Create flexible communal spaces for experiencing art. This would mean creating a fun spot at home or outside to let kids and families explore and create art. In fact you could paint your little one's table-chair in vibrant colours and also add some fun patterns on it and create an art corner at home, to encourage families and kids to participate in sketching, colouring, music and storytelling.

3. Children love to be treated like adults. Give them that benefit of a doubt before you dumb it all down.  Sometimes we underestimate that young kids are capable of talking about or doing things. This could just be a way of shunning their creativity, creating a dead end for them. So, beware!

4. Expose children to the contemporary art world. While museums have a lot of information, anything that is live and happening is what stays with the child for longer. So resort to plays, theatres or storytelling workshops which will install more forms of art in your kid, giving her/him a plethora of options to explore in future. Take them to art festivals and have a discussion about what they have seen, what they liked etc. These discussions will give you an insight into your child's interest.

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