A Complete List Of The Best Alternative Schools In Mumbai

The number of parents considering alternative schools have increased in the past years. Indian parents are aware and are partial to Montessori, Waldorf, Steiner philosophies and are realising that it is better than rote learning. Times have changed and the big metros have alternate schooling options which are definitely popular. While the serpentine queues for admissions might not die out, alternate schools have also made space in the Indian education system. Parents have started looking beyond the school’s academic track record and are now open to other factors too.

If you are a parent on the lookout for an unconventional school for your little one, here’s a list you must consider!

1. Tridha:


Image Source: Hindustan Times

One of the more well known alternative schools in Mumbai, Tridha has slowly been making its mark for its commitment to children as a good Steiner school. This school's teaching philosophy is a humanistic approach to learning. The school takes in students from Kindergarten and has classes all the way to class 12. Students can then appear for IGCSE exams.

Website: Tridha
Contact: 02226879209

2. Udayachal


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Udayachal prides itself on being a stress free environment that imparts holistic education with an emphasis on Indian culture. The focus of the school is on complete personality development and academic progress is balanced with physical, social and spiritual development. The school includes sports such as Yoga and Malakhamb and even stress on dramatics for kids. This is an inclusive school.

Website: Udayachal 
Contact: 02267963577
3. Inodai


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Parents looking specifically for a Waldorf school in Mumbai, need look no further. Inodai aims to provide holistic education to the child using Waldorf's principles and method of training. The heart of the Waldorf principle lies in the fact that they believe education must cater to the inner development of the child as well as acquisition of knowledge. Waldorf balances academic, artistic, and practical activities.

Website: Inodai
Contact: 02265222711

4. Besant Montessori
Thinking Montessori will provide a strong foundation for your child? Then you must consider Besant Montessori. The mixed age classrooms and child led learning will encourage innovation and creativity among individuals so that they could face competition and succeed.


Image Source: Leading Education Portal in India

Website: Besant Montessori
Contact: 02226154178

5. Shishuvan


Image Source: Life Positive

This school believes that children are natural learners and that schools need to provide the proper environment to foster that. They nurture a child's naturally curious nature and hone their existing skills and provide resources to excel. The school places emphasis on community living, relationships with peers and teachers and celebrates every festival in a secular manner. The school is affiliated to ICSE syllabus.

Website: Shishuvan
Contact:+9122 2404 4063

6. Kalpavruksha - the Village school

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This school believes in the Rudolf Steiner philosophy and has classes right from playgroup to class 10, where students will take exams according to the IGCSE curriculum. Starting from mixed classes, this school strongly believes in providing an environment for students that fosters their curiosity and allows them to discover their unique, innate capabilities. Prime importance is given to learning through activity and a complete, well-rounded approach to a topic.

Website: Kalpavruksha
ontact: +91-9004041741 

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