#KSPMomsChallenge: 8 Last Minute Tips To Make Sure You Fit Into Your Holiday LBD

Let's just come out and say it, there are no shortcuts to fitness but even though we know that a lot of us will wait until the very last minute to start thinking about getting fit - simply because we want to fit into that slinky LBD during holiday season! It's tough to admit, but it is true!

So if you haven't started getting fit with the KSPMomsChallenge yet (why not?), here are 8 things you can start doing right now to be able to fit into that holiday dress of your dreams! Remember there are only 22 days left!

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  • Say NO to processed and refined foods: Include fibre rich foods instead. Anything that has a shelf life of more than a day is probably not right. Processed foods have lots of preservatives. Refined flour and sugar rich foods are also a complete no-no like biscuits, pizzas, and other snack items. Fibre-rich foods include whole grains, rolled oats, fruits, veggies and sprouts, include more of these into your diet.

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  • Water: Drink lots of water and make sure you remember to do so, especially because it is winter and you won't feel as thirsty.
  • Think nutrition and not calories: If you are looking to cut calories you will not just go on crash diets but the effects of that will show on your skin and hair too. Instead, make sure you eat healthy and not starve yourself. Eat foods that are seasonal, local, and nutritious.

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  • Sleep well: If you don't give yourselves a min of 6 - 8 hours of sleep then you are depriving your body. The longer you stay up the longer you need food and you increase your intake of energy stimulants like tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, energizers etc.
  • Exercise: There is no substitute to exercise, unfortunately. At Kidsstoppress we believe moms should stop making excuses to do something they love! There will always be time to exercise and we must do it. So start today, head out for a walk, take the stairs, hit the gym, join a class, catch up with friends over a walk instead of coffee. Or just get back to a sport or dance that you enjoy and you will start seeing the difference immediately.

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  • Live life like a kid: If we consciously emulate our children and live life like they do for the next few weeks, we can really see the difference. Children are completely immersed in play when it is playtime, they don't whine, they aren't multi-tasking. They sleep well and even when they eat, they eat as much as they can, never over eat.
  • Eat every two hours: Make sure you have 3 main meals and 2 mini meals. Take care of yourself, pack your dabbas just like you do for your kids. Don't be shy to eat out of your own box while at work or at meetings.
  • Fill your plate with the good stuff: Your plate should be loaded with vegetables, proteins and carbs. Before you take that extra chapatti, remember if you do, you need to take an equal helping of dal and veggies. Only if you can finish another complete helping of all three, should you take a new serving.

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