Bengaluru Moms Tell You How You Can Spend A Day At Cubbon Park With Kids

Yes, Bengaluru is going through a rough patch currently, with the sudden spurt in the number of trees being chopped off. However, the city has managed to retain one little piece of greenery that not only provides respite to those spending their weeks in concrete corporate jungles but also rejuvenates the mind and body. Wondering what we are talking about? The very old yet unspoilt charm of namma Bengaluru - The Cubbon Park.

If you are planning a trip to this lovely park this weekend, then here are things you can do to make your outing a memorable one.

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1. Have a Family Picnic

What better way to spend the weekend than taking your family on a super fun picnic! Cubbon park's lush green carpet and canopy of trees make it perfect for a small family picnic. Pack along some yummy snacks, a mat, insect repellant, your little one's favourite board games and water and you are sure to have some fun in the sun.

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2. Unleash Your Photography Skills

The backdrop of trees, butterflies, interesting, unseen insects, chirping birds, the rich flora and of course the warm sun is bound to be a treat for any photographer. Bring on your camera and spend the day capturing nature at its best. This is also a great place to teach your kids about nature and of course, click a couple of family pictures which you can use to adorn your bedroom wall!

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3. Take a Train Ride

This is one thing your kid is bound to love at Cubbon park. The mini train goes around the park twice, taking you through the dense tree cover and the lush green lawns. Merry go round type of car rides and mini roller coasters are other attractions that will make kids want to spend more time at the park.

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4. Go On A Nature Walk

What better place to go on a stroll than parks and Cubbon park is just apt for those who love to walk and gaze at things little and pretty. This is your best chance to get your kids closer to Mother Nature and teach them the umpteen benefits we reap from her. You could set out on your own personal walk or sign up for ones held by organisations like Bangalore Walks, Ecoedu etc.

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5. Exercise Outdoors

There is nothing more relaxing than exercising on nature's lap. If you are a fitness freak, then Cubbon park is sure to become your favourite spot to go for a swift jog, strike some yoga poses or cycle around the lovely greenery. Drag along your friends and family and make it more fun or sign up for yoga, laughter therapy and other exercise sessions that happen at the park over the weekends. Kids can run around, stretch a bit and play their favourite outdoor game, while you soak in some warm sun and unwind.

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6. Watch A Play

If you are raising an art lover, then this is sure to interest you! Literature enthusiasts in the city regularly stage plays in Cubbon park, amidst jaw-dropping backdrops. So, the next time you want to watch a play, ditch those theatres and head outdoors. If you are interested you can even join them in their romps. Watch out for the date, time and other show details and watch your little theatre enthusiast get lost in a world of her own.

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7. Doggy's Day Out

As much as kids enjoy the openness and warmth of Cubbon park, our canine friends love it too! Take your fur babies on a date to Cubbon park and let them soak in some warm sun. The number of cute, little fur babies brought to the park by their parents is sure to amuse you. Take them on a spa post the park stroll and seal the day perfectly. Also, this is the perfect time for your little one to bond with their fur sibling!

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8. Poetry in the Park

Every other day, a group of poetry enthusiasts from the city come together to learn, share and recite poetry. It can be written by you or something created by your little one too. Keep a track of when the meeting happens and unleash the poet in your child.

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9. Go Shopping

Apart from exercising and playing, Cubbon park also lets you get your shopping done, while your kids are busy bird watching or cycling. Around the park, you are sure to notice piles of greens and vegetables and various new health products. So, you can stock up your veggies, while the kids get busy with other knick-knacks. Lastly, you are bound to spot NGOs promoting organic products or cosmetics. Don't miss them!

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10. Watch Out For Weekend Activities

From music concerts to painting, storytelling and other art-related things, there is a lot that happens every weekend at Cubbon park for kids and adults. Keep an eye on our #KSPThingstodoBengaluru and plan your weekend perfectly.

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