KSP Awards 2016: Is Motherhood A Full Stop to A Woman’s Career?

Does motherhood spell the end of a woman's career? At the KSP Awards 2016, Mansi Zaveri got an opportunity to talk to Somasree Bose- Godrej, Deepali Naair- IIFL Wealth , Preeta Sukhtankar- The Label Life and Anjana Shashidharan- Sequoia Capital -- four working moms about their journey achievements, sacrifices and whether it really is tough to have a career and manage a baby. What they think might really surprise you!

The unanimous consensus from everyone on the panel was the need for a work-life balance and that all working moms should do away with the guilt factor. Somasree Bose echoed a lot of our views when she said that baby time and spouse time need to be separate; Anjana Shashidharan feels that you should not feel bad about asking for help - everyone needs it and it's nothing to be ashamed about it; Preeta Sukhtankar feels that women are as shrewd as men when it comes to negotiations and Deepali Naair believes that life is about what you prioritize for yourself.

Watch the video to learn what other pearls of wisdom these amazing moms shared about parenting, kids, family life and work environment.

We would love to hear your thoughts about motherhood, careers and whatever else you have to say. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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