Shilpa Shetty Kundra On The 6 Changes You Must Make To Get Fit

Shedding over 32 kgs post pregnancy is no child's play and this actress did it all with style and elan. With a body and a fitness regime that can only be envied, Bollywood mommy Shilpa Shetty has always been in news for her fitness mantra. In fact, the svelte mommy recently started a website, where she shares her workout videos. Not just that, the website also has videos, tutorials, recipes and tips for a healthier lifestyle. So, you no longer need to break your brain on healthy recipes!

Mansi Zaveri of KSP recently caught up with the fitness guru over breakfast, at the launch of Saffola's new breakfast cereal - Multigrain Flakes. Here is what the actress had to say!

That aside, Shilpa recently came clean about her fitness secrets on a live chat with Facebook and we have the top points for you. So, mommies, if you have no time to hit the gym, simply follow these six simple tips from the star herself and pave the way for a fitter body and mind.

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1. Eat Breakfast King Size!

Shilpa is a big breakfast girl and kickstarts her day with a lavish breakfast.

"After a good 7-8 hours of actually fasting, it is important we break the fast, so go full on and binge!"

2. End Your Meals By 7:30 pm. 

"Make sure you eat no food later than 7:30 pm. This helps in better digestion and also improves the quality of sleep".

3. Say Yes To Coconut Oil

The actress is a big fan of coconut oil, not for its taste but for the health benefits it brings along. From adding it to her diet to gargling, Shilpa swears by this miracle oil to keep herself fit and fab.

"Adding coconut oil to your diet is great. In fact, gargling with coconut oil kills bacteria and also strengthens the immune system."

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4. Effective Breathing

Being a mother, Shilpa has her hands full. However, the actress admits that the secret behind her hour glass figure is exercise and planned workouts.

"I take time out at least thrice a week, for about 45-50 minutes to workout.

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5. Say No To Aerated Or Sugary Drinks

The actress is dead against fizzy drinks and also admits that she never buys or stocks them at home.

"We, Indians have a lot more healthy options like lassi and lemon juice which are not just hydrating but also double up for some protein in our body".

6. Chew Your Food

Little did we know that chewing plays an important role in keeping us fit. Yes, Shilpa adds that it is important one must "eat water and drink food".

"It is important to chew as the food needs to mix well with the saliva and that will help to break down the food easily."

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