The Best Swimwear For Boys This Summer! (P.S. Buy Them Here!)

Why should girls have all the fun?! Dressing smartly is no longer a thing just for girls. Boys have their share of fun too and this holds true even for swimwear. I recently enrolled my son for a summer swimming camp and I must admit I had a lot of fun shopping for his swimwear. From colours to prints, patterns and fit, the options available left me overwhelmed. Here's a little catalogue that will help you pick the right swimwear for your little man.

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Blue Palm Warma Wetsuit

Blue is the colour for boys and I'm sure most mommies will agree to this. This half-sleeved legged swimsuit is for those little ones who like to flaunt something new and stylish. Also, the snug fit adds a suave element.

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Cloudy Water Swimsuit

If your kid is someone who likes a little bling, then this is sure to impress him. Painted in shades of orange and grey, this cloudy swimwear is a must-have for those little men who like to stand out in their swimming class.

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Digitial Water-War Swimsuit

If you thought army prints were only for T-shirts or pants, then it's time you change your thoughts. If your little man likes anything to do with weapons or army, you sure know how to bring a big, broad smile on his face. Order this black-green army swimwear and your job is done!

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Clownfish Floatsuit

How about a swimwear that comes with a float? Sound good right? That is exactly what this Clownfish float suit has to offer. The all blue body suit has a float in the centre, which just means your son can jump in as soon as he wears his swimwear, with no further assistance needed.

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Blue Spiderman Swimming Shorts

Spiderman lovers, this is sure to excite you! Add on to your Spiderman collection with this blue-red swimwear. Team it with a pair of matching goggles and watch your little spiderman swim in style!

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Clownfish Aquanappy

For those little ones who are too young to be off nappy while swimming, here's a simple solution. Aqua nappies are all over the market and come in fun and quirky prints too. This yellow-blue fish print aqua nappy is sure to leave your baby looking cute as a button.

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Warm Blue Printed Set

If you are the kind who likes to keep it simple and elegant, then this grey-blue swim shorts with a T-shirt, will be a great buy. Don't forget to pick up a pair of matching goggles to jazz it up.

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Surf Swimtrunks

Florals are not just for girls! Boys can flaunt them too, without looking odd. Team this blue-white floral swim shorts with a smart white vest and your little boy is sure to steal the show. White wrist band and white goggles will complete the look with a charm.

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Turtle Swimtrunks

Standard, snug and stylish, this fluorescent swim shorts with quirky turtle prints all over, is for those who like to add some bling to the pool. Team it with a white T-shirt to underplay the loudness.

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Crab Rashguard

Stripe lovers, here's what you need to pick before you dive into the pool. The blue and white striped T-shirt is sure to be a huge hit with your little one. Plus, the flashy little happy face at the bottom adds a nice quirk to the outfit. Team it with black trunks and you are going to fall in love with your little swimmer!

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