The Best Swimwear For Girls This Summer! (P.S. Buy Them Here!)

Summer is here and what better way to keep your kids cool than letting them have some fun in the swimming pool! This weekend my little girl kickstarted her swimming lessons and like any other mommy, I was brimming with joy and excitement. Well, the excitement was not just about watching her learn the strokes, but also about shopping for the pretty swimming costume. From bright hues to quirky prints and stylish cuts, girls do have all the fun even when it comes to swimming costumes. Here's a list of swimwear you must buy for your little girl this summer!

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1. Pink Off Shoulder Swim Suit

Girls and pinks go hand-in-hand. There can be no mommy who does not want a pink dress for her little girl, even if it means a swim suit. And who would have ever thought swim suits to come in such stylish cuts with frills and spaghetti straps! If your little one is someone who loves quirky cuts and frills, then this is sure to impress her.

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2. Hello Kitty Swim Suit

Have a Hello Kitty fan at home? Here's something that will add to her collection and be of use too. The baby pink Hello Kitty t-shirt comes with a striped knicker. What's even cuter is the bow along the waist line. Isn't is adorable?

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3. Disney Frozen Swim Wear

It's not just Hello Kitty fans who have it their way, Disney fans are in for a treat too! For those girls who find pink to be cliche or boring, this Frozen themed swimsuit will not just make them stand out from the usual pinks, but will also be an addition to their Disney kitty.

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4. Hearts Swim Suit

Casual, cute and pretty pink and hearts are for those girls who like anything that is feminine. The multi-coloured hearts with a criss-cross back and frill detail is sure to let your princess strike a style statement in her swimming class.

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5. Floral Swim Set

Florals are in this summer and this holds good not just for adults, but for kids too. This blue floral printed two-piece swimsuit is just perfect for summer. Carry it along for your beach holidays and gear up for some raving compliments about your little girl's beach dress.

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6. Bow Swim Set

If you are someone who likes to experiment, then this is for you! The striped white and blue skirt is sporty and cool, while the bright yellow bow-like top is plain and bright. Perfect for a dip under the warm sun, this yellow-blue swimwear is colourful, cool and quirky, all in one go!

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7. Frill Swim Set

Layers and frills are not just for frocks! Swimwear can also come in frills and look adorably cute too. The highlight of this swimsuit is the top which has frill detail along with a stylish elastic band on the top. Tie that bow like a halter and your little girl is sure to strike a style statement.

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8. Polka dot Halter Neck

Black and polka dots are not just for you, mommies! Your little girl can sport them too and look like a complete fashionista. This black swimwear with polka dots and halter neck is just perfect for those little ones who love to stay trendy.

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9. Stripped Legged Swimsuit

If you wish to pick something sporty, then this striped swimwear is just the right choice. Easy to wear, cool and casual this is perfect for those who like to keep it simple and sweet. If your girl is a little fussy about clothes, then keep it simple and stylish with this one!

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10. Checkered Print Swim Set

As much as little girls love pink, they love red too! And if it comes in checks, a two-piece and along with a swim cap, then mommies are sure to fall for it too. Definitely, one that most mommies and their little girls will like, this red swimwear is sure to be a hit in your home. Try it!

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