The Perfect Book For Early Readers On The Challenges In Life. Read The Rising Sun Yet?

Today's children are, without a doubt, more worldly wise and smarter than what we were at that age. As parents, we strive to enhance their knowledge and creativity by exposing them to the right books and toys, from a tender age. Check out KSP's recommendation of the best board books and touch-and-feel books you need to add to your child's library.

But how many books teach them more about life- the untold, yet essential things? How many children's books have you come across that teach kids how the challenges people face in life and about disabilities? Sadly, not many. Curious Club- The Rising Sun is one entertaining and insightful book for kids that deals this delicate topic in a commendable way.

About Curious Club:

Curious Club, an offering from The Child City Edutainment, aims at providing informative, educative and engaging content for kids (aged 6-12 years) through the best known medium- books. These books strive to teach the little ones more than just fascinating stories- they help develop your child's literacy skills and an early reading habit. Curious Club is an illustrated storybook series, that does much more than just narrating stories for young kids. Curious Club is not about your archetypal fairy tale stories, but stories that are more real and ones that teach the kids valuable lessons. Their daughters (aged 7 and 3) inspired Fredric Cruz and Pearl Cruz to launch Curious Club, after a futile search attempt for books that teach little kids to follow their passion, inspire them and not just make little girls wait for the prince to save them and sweep them off their feet!

The Rising Sun:

The second book in the Curious Club series (the first one being "The Child City", by Pearl Cruz) this book, penned by Fredric Cruz aims to encourage kids who are differently challenged to look beyond the difficulties and pursue their dream. Inspired by his real-life memories at Dadar station, Mumbai, where he has witnessed the visually challenged passengers go about their journey with confidence, this book handles the delicate issue of how we need to make them feel accepted in our group and not feel any different or special. The story weaves around the Curious Club and new people they encounter (some visually challenged and someone who is born deaf), and how they overcome their weakness to march ahead in the journey of life.

Meet the Curious Club:

Get your kids to join Curious Club - Meg, Ali, Yogi and Choco in their expeditions and discover the joy of exploration, creation and wonderful world of learning through snippets of new discoveries, morals and inspirations. Curious Club aims at delivering four key messages to children through their storybooks-Humanity, Nature, Innovative Thinking and Team Work.

How to Buy?

The Rising Sun is available as a paperback edition  (Rs. 150) and in Kindle format. You can also place orders from their site- The Child City

Here's Why Your Kids Will Love The Book:

  • For early readers, who aspire for new stories, in every new book they read, this one is surely different Written in a simple language that kids can understand, the kids will take an immediate liking to the story and the characters.
  • The handling of the disabilities part is appreciated. In what is considered a sensitive topic, The Rising Sun handles it well, reiterating how they need to feel accepted and not special.
  • For kids who find some words difficult to understand, there is a Word Power in the end, that explains the meaning and in turn, helps your child build his/her vocabulary.
  • If your kid is inspired by the characters in the book, there is this section called Role Models- that tells us about real-life heroes who turned physical challenges into stepping stones, like Beethoven and Sudha Chandran- so stay inspired!
  • The Records & Discoveries section also teaches kids the basics of sign language and the Braille system to get a hold of how things work in their world.
  • If you are tired of books of superheroes and magic castles, you know this is a right buy for your child.

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