The Right Nourishment Your Child’s Skin Needs This Summer. Tried Sebamed Sun Lotion Yet?

Summer is here and the UV rays of the sun are bearing down on us. My kids are itching to run out of the house the moment the clock strikes four. And as a mother, I'm always concerned about the impact the hot sun has on my kids - on their health and skin.  Their skin is still very sensitive and much thinner than ours and they can get sun burnt very quickly. I can't stop them from going outside but I can find a way to protect their skin.

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Recently Sebamed, one of the biggest names in skincare, launched Sebamed Sun Lotion in the baby care category and Mansi Zaveri of KSP was invited to attend the Sebamed Sun Lotion launch event with her kids. Sebamed set a record in the India Book Of Records by bringing together moms and their kids under the age of 6 years to perform yoga at the Radio Club, Colaba, Mumbai.

Here's Why This Event Was Special:

On a sunny Sunday morning, Sebamed invited a host of mommy bloggers and their little ones to join in the launch of their new product, Sebamed Sun Lotion for kids.  This German company is a pioneer in skin care products and who better to launch a baby care product than them.  They had organised a lot of fun and games for the kids which kept them on their toes. The pink and blue balloons festooned around the room added just the right touch to the wonderful morning. All the kids who attended got little gifts - the perfect way to keep them in good spirits. They also had a session where mommies and kids were taught the correct way of applying sunscreen - like shaking the bottle before using it and applying the sunscreen at least 20 minutes before they leave the house.

After which everyone headed outside for a session of yoga under the sun - everyone layered under the triple protection that Sebamed Sun Lotion offers. Moms and kids were all seen enjoying the event thoroughly.

All About The Product

  • The product has been designed to protect your child's delicate skin from the harmful UVA/UVB rays that cause sunburn and tanning. With SPF 50+ protection and pH value of 5.5, the Sebamed Sun lotion provides the required moisture and protection.
  • And guess what, it's the first waterproof sun lotion for kids. So they can jump into the pool or head out to the beach and you don't need to keep reapplying the sunscreen the moment they get out of the water.
  • Sebamed's unique formula makes sure the kids are well protected when they're outdoors. So now we have one less thing to worry about when it comes to our kids.

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