Week 1: KSP’s Exclusive Summer Planner With Fun, Easy To Do Activities To Keep Kids Entertained

Summer holidays are here and we see that sigh of relief of not having to pack lunch boxes! Well, that aside, we also know mommies out there are fretting about keeping their little monsters engaged. Worry not, we hear you and have you covered too.

Kidsstoppress will give you a weekly planner for all 8 weeks of summer vacation. This will have activities under four categories - Outdoor, indoor, cook time, arts and crafts. Simply download the planner, print it, stick it on the fridge and what's more? We even have videos to help you along with your DIY activities, recipes you can follow and even learning activities you can try with the kids!

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And the best part? The supplies you will need to weave magic with the DIY crafts we have listed are all the ones you already have at home- nothing special or unique! Here are some of the essential craft supplies our crafts blogger has suggested you keep at home always!

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Art & CraftsVeggie stamping
Different vegetables and fruits make different shapes. Use an old tee or just a sheet of paper and block print using vegetables and fruits
Make a scrapbook
If there is a holiday journey you want to record , simply start pasting pictures and other items you collected, on each page. You could also write small notes underneath to make memories.
Decorate your room!
Pick your favourite cartoon or movie character and go all about decorating your room. You could also encourage your child to make some DIY masks or sketches for the interiors.
Paint your garden!
Give your pots a makeover this Summer! Match it with the colour of the flower or vegetable in it. Get your child to pot a plant and tend to it all summer!
Make your own craft kit!
Walk around your neighborhood and collect items that are different and quirky and recycle it. An oddly shaped leaf for instance, can be painted and used as book mark. Likewise, a hollow branch can be used as a spy glass
Outdoor ActivityNature hunt
Take a walk in the garden or around your building with a small basket and collect small things that look special. Once home, create a collage of your treasures. Older kids could choose a group and collect things.
Put on your skate shoes
Put on your roller-skates and pick up the skill! Play an obstacle race using pillows and tables and skate your way to the finishing line.
Go cycling
Call it fun or exercise, cycling is a great way to keep kids engaged for a long time. Switch locations everyday to make it more fun. At the end of each day, make a note of all that you observed in each area and make a memory book.
Dash N Splash
Fill a few buckets of water, make them wear a swimsuit and let your little enjoy pouring and splashing with beach toys in the bathroom. Older kids can pretend organize a pool party and splash about at the pool with friends
Pop the bubbles
Make some soap solution and blow bubbles using straws, rings or paper cones. Add some food colour for colorful bubbles.
Indoor ActivityPlay with pillows
Role play kings and castles and build your own royal castle with throw pillows.
Say it through pictures!
Pick your kid’s favourite story and make a scrap book of the same. Your child could sketch, colour or even paint it to make it fun and interesting.
Write and post a letter to your friend
Pick up a nice textured paper and teach your child all about letter writing. Then post it!
Stack up!
Build a castle using blocks and let your kid play Old King Cole. Put on the good old rhyme, use a dragon soft toy and indulge in some role playing
Make your own Play dough
Say goodbye to store bought play dough. Make it yourself!
Cook with MommyPizza party
Get busy in the kitchen and bake a gooey cheese pizza. Invite your friends over for a fun pizza party.
Pop some corns!
No fire cooking is simple, delicious and fast. Get some popcorn, experiment with the flavours and yes don’t forget to get on a movie marathon with your friends.
Summer coolers
Make your own summer coolers! Use bright flavours like strawberry, raspberry or chocolate. You could also play with toppings or even serve it in a quirky glass.
It’s time for cupcakes!
Bake some delicious summer cupcakes. Ditch the usual chocolate and vanilla flavours and opt for summer fruits instead.Experiment with summer fruits!
Learn a new dish
Buy a cookbook and with child-friendly recipes and work through them all through summer!

Day Of The WeekSupply List For the Day
MondayFruits, Vegetables, Paints, Coloured Papers, Leaves,Twigs,Dry Flowers, Glue, Pizza Base, Pizza Sauce, Cheese
TuesdayScrap booking File, Embellishments, Glue, Photos, Markers, Dried Corn
WednesdayPapers, Markers, Googly Eyes, Glue, Textured papers, Pens, Mangoes
ThursdayPots, Paints, Brushes, Bath Toys, Inflatable Pool,Papers, Stickers, Paints,Markers , Glue,
FridayRecyclable stuff,Glue,Papers,Decorations, Dish wash Soap, Straws, Flour, Salt, Cream Of Tartar, Food Colours,Oil

Happy holidays!


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