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Baby Care In The Summer- The Complete Guide For Every New Mom

The heat levels are breaking a new record with each day and the summer is officially now unbearable across the country. Adults like us, do find it real hard- but there are zillion options we have in hand to keep ourselves cool. Young kids are vulnerable to the heat and fall sick if they aren't able to cope up. Newborns, in particular, need to be treated with extra attention and care this summer, to keep their sensitive skin, well hydrated and nourished and make sure they get the right nutrients in the scorching summer.

We, at KSP, have compiled our best reads that tell you what works best for kids to overcome the heat and stay fresh all day. This is what has worked wonders for our kids and that's why we want you to try them out as well. Let us know if this post helped you and your little one sail through summer! Don't forget to share your thoughts and feedback in the comments below.