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DIY Learning Activities For Toddlers Using Common Drinking Straws!

Straws are one of my favourite craft supplies to work with. The wide variety of colourful straws that are available in the market provides us with tons of new and exciting kids activity ideas on a budget to keep boredom away on hot summer afternoons. My son too has a fancy for straws that he likes to collect and since we cannot reuse them we use them for various recycle crafts and activities. Here goes the list of straw activities that makes learning fun and interesting.

Straw Marble Maze

Your kids will love making this fun and easy marble maze which gives them a chance to design their very own toy. Cut straws to different lengths and stick them to the bottom of a card box out of which the front panel is cut. Be sure that the marble can fit through the spaces and make it all the way to the other end.  Read more here.

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Q-tip & Straw Matching Activity

Q-tip & straw matching activity is a great idea for toddlers to develop their colour recognition, fine motor and pattern making skills. Dip the q-tips in various colours that match to the colours of straws that you have. Cut the coloured straws into small pieces (between 1 and 2 inches). You will want the length to be able to cover the white section of the q-tip. Present your child with the straws and coloured q-tips and have them try to thread a q-tip through matching coloured straw. Read more here.

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Bubble Tower

Try this bubble blowing activity with your kids building big, fluffy bubble towers, and you will love how quick and easy the activity can be set up. All you need is a few supplies that are easily available at home. Simply fill water in a cup and add few drops of dish soap. Remind your children to blow out and watch them build bubble towers with a gurgling sound. Read more here.

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Straw Beading Activity

Make a threaded straw necklace using a lace and straws cut into small pieces. This activity helps improve your toddler's colour recognition, patterns and fine motor skills. Also, it keeps the child occupied for a long time which improves their concentration. This is a great travel activity too. Read more here.

Image Source:www.laughingkidslearn.com

Pompom Counting

The pompom game is a fun way to practice counting and number recognition. Kids will love the challenge of trying to move their pom poms using straws and the control of breath. To set up the game label the containers with the numbers you would like to practice with your child.  Kids simply have to put the straw on a pom pom and suck in to pick it up. Ask them to keep sucking as they move the pompom over the top of the container. Finally breathe out to let the pompom fall. Continue doing so until all the containers have the correct number of pompoms. Read more here.

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Playdough Learning

Inserting straws into the playdough is a great sensory activity working on those tiny finger muscles. Simply roll out play dough on a flat surface. Use a pencil to carve out a letter, number, or shape on the flattened area.  Make sure that the letter is large enough to be easily filled with straws. Cut straws to about one inch in length. Insert the straw pieces along the outline of the shape until it is completely covered. Read more here.

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Blow Dart

All you need for this activity is straws, q-tips and plastic cups. Build a wall of cups. Insert a q-tip into the straw and have your child blow out the q-tip targeting the wall of cups. It is a great activity that helps build concentration and problem-solving skills.  Read more here.

Image Source: www.kidsactivitiesblog.com

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Blow Paint Monster

Simply squeeze a good amount of paint in the centre of the canvas or paper. Let your kids choose the colours they wish their monsters to be. Have your child blow out through the straw just above the paint, using the air to push the paint around the canvas. Watch them make fun creatures in a variety of colours. After it is dried completely let your child's imagination go crazy to finish off their monsters with googly eyes and pipe cleaners. Read more here.

Image Source: www.theseasonedmom.com

Straw Bubble Shooters

To make your own bubble shooter you will need 2 basic supplies that you already have at home: some straws and rubber bands. Take a bunch of straws and attach them together by wrapping them with a rubber band. Mix up a batch of bubble solution and blow away. Read more here.

Image Source: wwww.kidsactivitiesblog.com

Learning Letters

This fun learning activity is perfect when you are working on numbers and alphabet with your kids. All you need for this activity is straws and pipe cleaners. Simple cut straws into small pieces and bead them into pipe cleaners. Now have your child manipulate the pipe cleaner into various letters and numbers using turning and twisting motions. Read more here.

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