Mansi Zaveri

KSP TV: 10 Fashion Tips Every New Mom Must Know

For nine months you have carried a little being inside you. The result of your pregnancy has obviously been some weight gain, change in your body shape, bra size etc. Once you've delivered your little bundle of joy, it's not like you will shed all the pre-pregnancy weight immediately. It's going to be an uphill task for some, for others not as much. A lot of women use pregnancy as an excuse to let themselves go - weight wise and appearance wise. Sorry! But that's just not acceptable as an excuse. With a few changes to what you wear and how you carry yourself, you'll still be able to bring out the best in you.

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Watch the video to learn about the little fashion tips that Mansi Zaveri from KSP gives all new moms to make you feel beautiful and confident again.

Tell us in the comments below if you have used any of these and how it worked for you.

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