shahid kapoor and his daughter dancing

Remember That Bouncer Misha Kapoor Was Seen Dancing In Shahid’s Insta Feed? Buy It Here!

Remember that adorable video where Misha Kapoor did a cute jig with her dearest daddy Shahid? We simply love how the little girl is following her daddy's footsteps and is on the right track to becoming a great dancer. Misha was recently spotted dancing on a bumper jumper along with Shahid and we just cannot explain how cute the duo looked.

If you haven't seen the video yet, watch it now!

#worlddanceday #havefeetwilldance #mj dance is in your blood.

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The celebrity family aside, we are totally eyeing Misha's little bumper jumper and so we decided to go out and about to find out more. Here are the details.

Why It's Cool To Buy One

the best bumper jumpers for kids

It's time for kids to exercise their leg muscles! A baby jumper is a fun activity that lets kids use his developing muscles. And if you are looking to buy one, then look no further than the Graco Bumper Jumper. The jumper is loaded with a whole lot of features including removable and washable seats, removable interactive toys and spring loaded clamps which can easily fit to the door frame. The bumper can hold a maximum weight of 11.3 kgs and requires no battery.

So if you wish to buy the bumper jumper which Shahid and Mira have picked for their little girl, here's where you can find it

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