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Survey Reveals What Indians Think Is The Best Role For A Woman (Results Will Shock You!)

We can talk adnauseum about the role of women and how today's women can successfully have it all. But when it comes to the gory details, stats have something else to show entirely! A recently conducted survey called The Ipsos Global Trends Survey 2017 revealed something shocking. The survey was conducted to examine the attitudes toward the role of women, parenting, and family across 22 countries, interviewing 18,180 adults.

"More Indian women maybe moving out of their homes, seeking employment and carving out a niche for themselves at workplaces, but society sees them more as accomplished mothers and wives in primary role, relegating other roles to secondary positions," said Parijat Chakraborty, Executive Director, Ipsos Public Affairs.

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Details Of The Survey

According to the survey, 64% of Indians think that the role of women in society is to become good mothers and wives and they should focus mainly on home. The survey also revealed that men were more likely to think this way (by 41% to 34%, on average), but there was an even greater divide by religious belief.  Those with religious beliefs are almost twice as likely to side with the traditional view on gender roles.


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Furthermore, it was a surprising find that 81 per cent of Indian men think that men now have a greater responsibility for the home and childcare than ever before. When it came to views on parenting and marriage, a larger percentage agree that it is better for parents to be married than those (about 38%) living as married or in domestic partnerships, or people who are divorced (about 45%). Indians also seem to prefer the traditional parenting style where parents need to collectively take responsibility for the behaviour of their children.

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Here is what we at KSP also asked the experts in the industry about how career and motherhood can go hand in hand. Watch this video to know more:

What do you think about the survey results? Are our best roles those of being a dutiful mother and/or a wife? Let us know in the comments below.

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