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Week 5: KSP’s Exclusive Summer Planner With Fun, Easy To Do Activities To Keep Kids Entertained

The summer holidays are almost coming to an end and if you are yet to try out our activities on the planner, then here's your chance. From outdoor and indoor play options to art and craft activities and cooking with your little one, there's a lot you can do to make this summer memorable and fun!

Kidsstoppress will give you a weekly planner for all 8 weeks of summer vacation. This will have activities under four categories - Outdoor, indoor, cook time, arts and crafts. Simply download the planner, print it, stick it on the fridge and what's more? We even have videos to help you along with your DIY activities, recipes you can follow and even learning activities you can try with the kids!

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And the best part? The supplies you will need to weave magic with the DIY crafts we have listed are all the ones you already have at home- nothing special or unique! Here are some of the essential craft supplies our crafts blogger has suggested you keep at home always!

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Art & Crafts"DIY Dental Crafts
Depending on your child's age write a letter to the tooth fairy, or make a tooth loss certificate or draw steps to brush one's teeth and arrange in the right order."
Shell painting - Pick a few of your favourite shells from your collection. Paint it and display it as beautiful artwork in your room.Make a kindness jar - Pick a jar, write simple tasks of kindness your kids can do daily. Eg: feed a bird. Make a calming jar- Give your kids this magical calming jar. Shake it and watch their anxiety melt away as the glitter swirls and settles down. Make paper planes- Fly a paper plane- Use a colourful paper with designs and follow the instructions to get started.
Outdoor ActivityMake shapes of clouds- Go to the terrace and spot different cloud shapes and get your kid to draw them.Play peek-a-boo! Depending on your child's age modify this classic game and have an afternoon of hide and seek! Nature scavenger hunt - Give your child a list of things to spot like trees, bugs, ant, etc. Get them to tick them off the list as they see them. Nature sketch- Set out on a walk, take your sketchbook and draw what inspires you from nature."Visit an aquarium - Plan a day trip to an aquarium. Get them to jot down the names of the fish once they come home.
Indoor ActivityGear up for Jenga night- Play Jenga and watch your kid enjoy the thrill of building a block tower.Sort your piggy bank - Break open your piggy bank and sort the coins based on their value. Good learning activity. It's time to clean up! Give your toys a wash today. Sort the soft toys from the rest and clean them squeaky clean.Rearrange your books - Clean and sort books according to the genre. Makes it easier to access your favourite books.Recycle pet bottles- Play a fun game of bowling using old pet bottles. Stick colourful paper on the bottles and give them a makeover!
Cook with MommyMake energy balls - Make a quick snack with your favourite fruits, nuts, sesame seeds or oatmeal. Add yummy toppings like chocolate or peanut butter.Make a honey loop necklace - Weave honey loops together and make a necklace. Try eating the loops without breaking the necklace!Scream for ice cream - Beat the heat with your own homemade ice cream. Use your favourite flavour, nuts, dry fruits and other toppings.Tea time fun - Help mommy make tea. Serve it in her favourite cup and saucer with a quick snack.Make your own trail mix - Make a trail mix of your toddler's choice. Use grains, nuts, dry fruits and cereal to make it healthy.
Day Of The WeekSupply List For the Day
MondayPaper, Paints, Glue, Markers, Brush, Game of jenga, Fruits, Nuts, Sesame seeds, Oats Chocolate, Peanut Butter
TuesdayShells, Paints, Brush, Coins and Currency Notes, Honey loops, Yarn
WednesdayJar, Paper, Pen, List of things in nature,
ThursdayJar, warm water, glue, glitter, sketch book, pencil, Books, Tea, Milk, Sugar
FridayPaper, Pet Bottles, Nuts, Dries Cranberries, Cereal, Choco chips, M&ms

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