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Your Guide To Choosing The Best Toys For Your 0-2 Year Old (P.S Buy Them Here!)

There's no greater joy than holding your favourite toy! Kids have all the fun playing with the best toys and as parents, we just need to make sure they get what is right for their age group. Toys are not just meant to engage the kids- there is so much an infant can learn from quality play time. Apart from building their essential cognitive, fine motor, colour recognition, hand-eye coordination and other essential skills, toys also give the child a sense of independence and responsibility! Like they say, no matter how big and bad you are- when a two-year-old hands you a toy phone, you answer it!

There is a world of toys out there and you could easily be overwhelmed with the options in hand. Choosing the right toy for your child's age is essential in helping him/her build the required skills. Here is the complete guide to what toys your child will need from 0-2 years along that suit the skills he/she develops at this stage. Share this with a new mom who will find it useful.


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skills- milestones of children 0-3 months

Toys you should consider for your child at this stage:

Opt in for play gyms. With toys dangling from above and attractive designs on the play mat to engage the kid when he/she tried to turn over, this is the ideal gift you should consider for newborns and infants. Buy here.

age appropriate toys- 3 month old

Cot mobiles are ideal for kids to help them focus and also engage their attention for a particular period. But make sure to remove the cot mobile once the child enters the 'grasping' phase. Buy here.

cot mobile for infants

Sleep Projector Toys with soothing music and attractive cartoons helps entertain your kids while they are awake on the cot and will even help your kid to sleep after a while (tired of gazing, maybe!). Buy here.

sleep projector for infants

skills and milestones- 3-6 months

Toys you should consider for your child at this stage:

In addition to the ones attached in the play gyms, kids at this stage will find any "kick-and-play" toy amusing and interesting. Some of them are equipped with music or a squeaking noise that motivates the child to try it again! Buy here. 

kick and play toy for infants

Musical toys are a great start at this stage, to engage your little ones. By the time, they complete 6 months, they will comfortably be able to turn towards the direction of the noise and even track the toy as it moves across the house. Buy here. 

musical toys for infants


Soft toys with those big eyes are an attraction for your child at this stage. Also, they serve as a great incentive to get your little one to roll over or even initiate crawling or to sit up. Go in for good quality soft toys, and watch out for the quality of the material used as your infant is prone to take any new toy near his/her mouth. Buy here.

soft toys- 6 months

skills and milestones- 6-12 months

Toys you should consider for your child at this stage:

Choose a toy that will incite your little one to crawl faster, stand up and even start walking (with support) towards the toy. Crawl tunnels, rollerballs and press and crawl toys are very handy at this stage. Buy here.

toys that help baby crawl

Musical toys that sing the alphabet, rhymes and numbers are always a favourite among kids. Opt in for toys that have more multiple features and can engage your little ones to hold and operate the buttons. Buy here.

toys for kids 1 year old

Kids are also comfortable sitting at this stage. Opt in for activity sets that will keep the little one engaged for a while when they are seated. Will also guarantee you a breather! Buy here.

activity table for 6-12 months

Shape sorters and stacking rings are also of great help at this stage for the little fingers. Will help improve their concentration and motor skills. Buy here.

toys for kids

skills and milestones- 1-2 years

Toys you should consider for your child at this stage:

Now that your little one is comfortable sitting and can also stand and walk with support, you must get him/her a good ride-on toy that they will spend some good time on. Buy here.

ride on toy- 1 year old

Also, your child is now capable of sitting comfortably in a position for a while. Get them playsets and building blocks that will engage the minds to sit for a while and build them. Helps build their creativity and motor skills. Buy here.

building blocks- lego

Kids take a fascination for any musical instrument at this stage- not in a very serious way, but just to enjoy the music and sound it makes! Get them a mini keyboard or a toy guitar and watch them create delightful tunes! Buy here.

mini keyboard for kids

Now, is a great time to get your little one started on the alphabet. Get toys that help your little one identify the letters you taught him/her. Also, by the time they turn two, they can also help form 3-letter words with their letters. Buy here.

alphabet toys- letters

Pretend play is also a  great way to engage the kids at this stage. In addition to dolls and doll houses, you can get them small sets to play with- like a doctor's set or a kitchen set to start with. Surprise them with a visit for a cup of tea or a medical check up! Buy here. 

kitchen set- shumee toys

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