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5 Indoor Activities To Do With Your Toddler When It Is Pouring Outside

Monsoon is officially here and that simply means not letting our toddlers step out of the house because of the heavy downpour outside. Also, my biggest concern is the mere thought of freaky bugs and mosquitoes that pop up around the building compounds in the evening during monsoons. And if I succeed in convincing them to stay indoors, I need a million things to keep them engaged. Here is a list of a few simple activities lined up for my toddler to keep him occupied while I enjoy my cuppa and monsoon special treats by the window!

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1. Vegetable Stamping

A few vegetables from your kitchen, paints and papers are all you need for this fun activity. Toddlers love stamping and creating their own stamps out of vegetables will get them pretty excited about the new patterns and designs they create.

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2Paper Mosaic

Tearing a paper is the first step to introduce scissor skills to toddlers. Ripping colourful paper into tiny bits works wonders for developing their fine motor skills. Use these bits to fill in a drawing and see a lovely creation emerge.

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3. Pretend Play

Pretend play is one of the most important parts of growing up as a childhood. It not only helps in keeping your child busy but also sparks imagination and helps in cognitive development like communication skills, vocabulary and language. Let your child choose any of his favourite roles and let his imagination run wild.

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4Make Rainbow Rice

Rainbow rice is a wonderful sensory play activity. The fun noise it makes when poured has calming effects and is great for fine motor development.  Toddlers can have hours of fun time colouring the rice and finally mixing all the colours for the rainbow effect. Read more here.

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5Make Origami Sail Boats

Have a little origami session with you toddler this monsoon. And origami paper boats are the perfect creations for a rainy day. Fuel your child's imagination with an easy to make origami boat that they can actually sail around in a tub.

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