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Planning A Birthday Party? This Is Your Go To Store For Return Presents!

With kids aged 11 and 7, I have planned 18 birthday parties between them. Birthday party planning can get pretty crazy with the birthday child telling me what he/she wants as a theme, what they want on their cake, the list of friends they want to invite and of course the return presents. Return presents are such an important part of every birthday party. It's not like the kids don't have enough of everything in their homes. But leaving a party without your return present is just not a possibility.

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Have you ever been subjected to a child standing in front of you and say " Thank you, Aunty, I'm going" at least 5 times?  That's their way of very politely saying ' I have to go and I ain't leaving with my return present'. So there's only one shop I head to twice a year to buy all my return presents - Kiddi Land Toys in Amar Colony.

What Is Kiddi Land 

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Kiddi Land Toys in Amar Colony is my one stop for return presents. Run by Sandhya, this toy store caters to everything a child may need from the time he/she is born till they grow up.  You'll find everything you want from feeding bottles, baby bath tubs to strollers, scooters and cycles to board games, school bags, water bottles and so much more. Every brand you can think of that is connected with kids you're sure to get - Chicco, Pigeon, Fisher-Price, Lego, Mattel, Funskool etc.

Housed over three floors, the top floor is reserved for return presents only. You only need to tell the extremely helpful staff there what your budget is and the age of the kids you need return presents for and you'll soon have a mountain of options in front of you to choose from. You'll definitely be spoilt for choice. Once you're done selecting your return presents, you can move to their decorations section on the same floor.

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Candles, cartoon character party hats, plates and napkins, tiaras for the birthday girl, happy birthday banners - you'll find everything here. Spiderman or Dora khoi bag, what does your child want? They'll hold a basket for you to select what you want to fill in it - whistles, crazy balls, crayon sets, confetti paper, the list goes on actually. If you can't find a khoi bag as per your choice,  they normally have it made for you.

Why I Return There Every Year

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  • The staff are very courteous and helpful and they make sure that I'm well taken care of. They gift wrap everything. If they don't have enough of what I like, they make sure that it's found and sent to my house.
  • If you have taken an excess of return presents and have some leftover after the party, you can return it to them unopened and they'll issue you an IOU for something else at the store. Isn't that awesome?

Address: 20-21, Amar Colony Market, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar 4, Lajpat Nagar, Delhi

Contact: 26212956/ 26221847

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