5 Ways To Store Your Child’s Toothbrush That Will Get Them Excited To Brush!

There is no doubt, getting your kids to brush is a chore that no parent wants to indulge in twice a day. It is absolutely important that our kids do brush their teeth twice a day, but do they have to make the chore itself so darn boring? Don't you wish there was some way to make the kids get excited about brushing their teeth? Ready to try anything before taking your kids to brush tonight? Then here are 5 ways to store your child's toothbrush that will get them excited about the task of brushing itself!

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Dinosaur holders

dinosaur toothbrush holders

Image courtesy: offthecusp.com

If you have a child that knows the difference between a Brachiosaurus and a Diplodocus then this one is for you. Simply pick up your child's (current!) favourite dinosaur and use a kitchen knife to make a hole in the top and bottom of the dinosaur. Then push the toothbrush through it! Your child won't be able to wait to brush day and night! Oh! and you don't have to limit yourself to just dinosaurs, feel free to experiment with other animal figurines too!

LEGO holders

lego toothbrush holder

image courtesy: idolza

What is colourful, versatile, and so much fun to work with? LEGO of course! Bring some of that LEGO craze to the bathroom by making a fun toothbrush holder. Your child can make his/her own and that adds to the excitement! Make a simple one or go crazy architecty by building yourself a very futuristic toothbrush Transformer holder!

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Toy car holders

Toy car toothbrush holder

Does your child have a favourite toy car that he/she has outgrown? You are not looking for the matchbox car variety but the bigger cars that younger kids play with. Once you have made your selection, simply find a space for it on a shelf or the bathroom cabinet and either stick it down with glue (so it doesn't move) or add a piece of rubber to the wheels. Voila! You have a new toothbrush holder your kids will get excited about!

Superhero holders

action figure toothbrush holder

This has got to be one of my favourites! I love how these action figures and macho superheroes are hugging toothbrushes! Forget my kids, if my toothbrush was with one of these guys, I would get excited to brush too! For this one, simply choose your child's favourite action hero figurine and mount/stick it to the wall. Make sure the hands of the figure can hold on to a toothbrush tightly!

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Rubber duck holders

rubber duck toothbrush holder

This is another way you can repurpose those yellow ducks you went crazy buying when your child was younger (don't deny it, you know you did!). Choose a duck and make a hole on its body and simply push the brush inside. Make sure it has a hole to drain out water that drips through.

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