6 Points To Bookmark From Rujuta Diwekar’s FB Live With Kareena Kapoor If You Are Pregnant

If you are pregnant the one thing you must be getting a lot from friends and family is advice about what you should eat when you are pregnant. By now you have you heard it all -- from how you should be 'eating for two', to how you shouldn't eat spicy food. But it doesn't stop there! Once you have baby in your arms, you get more advice on what lactating moms should eat, to the best things to eat for weight loss.

Rujuta Diwekar, nutritionist and exercise regimen specialist is someone who believes in keeping it simple. She has guided new mom Kareena Kapoor Khan through her pregnancy and her post pregnancy weight loss and we can see the results. She also recently launched her book Pregnancy Notes and just before she launched her book she sat down with Khan for a Facebook live where she answered queries regarding pregnancy and post delivery weight loss and made it clear that you don't have to "suffer salads: to lose weight!

Here are the points for you to bookmark and follow!

Postpartum hair loss
This happens to the best of us and it is a combination of the weather and the hormones getting back to what they were pre pregnancy. So what can you do? The answer lies in ancient Indian wisdom. Get a hair massage (champi) with warm coconut oil. Include coconut in your meals with chutneys, salads, a little bit in the tadka, curries. etc.

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The answers lie closer to home
I've always wondered about this and it seems to be something Rujuta Diwekar agrees with. Why do we look to the West for answers on what to eat when we have the answers in our homes? Listening to traditional wisdom and age old practices will work better for Indian bodies in the long run. Remember these are all tried and tested tips!

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How to get that new mom glow?
Nope, it isn't a cream she endorses but it is related completely to what she eats. "What you eat is what shows on your face." Your skin conditions depend entirely on food, gut conditions and the amount of sleep a new mom gets.

Losing weight doesn't mean shopping for exotic food
Surprise! Veggies from your local bhaji wallah will do the trick! Buying expensive food and ingredients doesn't guarantee you lose weight. Simply eating regular home cooked meals and seasonal foods is the secret.

Stay active, don't lounge around in bed
Yes, being pregnant and having a baby is really tiring but that doesn't mean you lounge about in bed the whole day. Keeping active is extremely important to feel good about yourself. While exercise is important during your pregnancy and post pregnancy -- the kind of exercises will differ as per the stage of your pregnancy. Post pregnancy, keep moving about and stay active so you never feel down and overwhelmed.


Eat right to care for your child right
Don't neglect yourself once the baby comes along. To be a good mom, you need to eat right and maintain your energy. New moms will tend to feel exhausted and will need to eat every 2 hours to send the right amount of glucose to the brain. Also, make sure you ditch the guilt about being rude or seeking help to take care of your child. Here's a tip: add nutmeg to your milk at night, it will help you calm down.

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