Alia Bhatt, Rujuta Diwekar

7 Facts I Learned As A Parent From Rujuta Diwekar’s Facebook Live With Alia Bhatt

I have been following Rujuta Diwekar for some time now. Post my pregnancy, I lost 22 kilos by just reading her book, "Don't lose your mind and lose your weight" Now that's reason enough for me to follow her and understand what Indian food wisdom is all about. Follow me on Instagram? Then you know what I am talking about. I am a big propagator of Indian food wisdom and believe that our ancestors did things for a reason.

So when I watched this video there were a few things that resonated with me as a parent.

The Facebook Live was an hour long and if you haven't watched it, then here is what you definitely need to know as a parent. My 7 takeaways were:

The right grains at the right time of the year: Rujuta mentions eating Jowar in the summers, Ragi/Nachni in the monsoons and Bajra in the winters. She also talks about the abundance of grains that Indians have especially millets to choose from and how eating seasonal foods is the best we can do to our bodies.

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Fats are important for our bodies: She stresses the importance of ghee, butter, and why fats are important for our hair, skin, nails and bodies. I'm glad my kids love their homemade white makhan from Nani's house every now and then.

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Choosing the right oils: We all take about cooking kids food in olive oil, rice bran, vegetable oil but the truth is olive oil is great for low flame cooking, cold foods like salad but not for Indian foods. Likewise, rice bran is great for frying because it heats up fast. She also stresses the importance of nut oil like peanut, coconut. mustard etc.

The right milk to choose for kids: Buy your organic farm fresh milk but also make sure to buy full fat and not skim milk or 2% for kids. Also, include as much dairy as you can in your child's diet through Paneer, cheese, buttermilk, curd/yoghurt etc.

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Food Miles & Shelf Life: This is a great lesson to share with your kids. The longer a particular item travels to reach your plate, the longer it takes to digest. Also, the longer the shelf life of a product, the longer it takes your body to digest, eg. processed foods.

Nimbu Pani Recipe & Importance of Sugar: One classic thing that she mentions about Nimbu Pani is the sugar in the drink actually helps us cool down. This is extremely important for kids who are playing an outdoor sport or after school activities.

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Love food and don't be scared of food.


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