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Best Foods That Help Babies Tide Over The Teething Process

When my otherwise ever smiling daughter started fretting and crying for no apparent reason, I knew it was probably the teething phase that was going to hit us. She had just turned 8 months old. Till then she loved eating everything that was placed in front of her. Being a first-time mom, I was in complete despair. Actually, it doesn't matter if you have had multiple kids, the teething phase is never easy.

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Typically teething starts when a child is around six months and continues until the age of 3 years; although this can vary from child to child.  Baby teeth are important because they hold the place for permanent teeth and they help guide them into the correct position. Baby teeth play an important role in the development of your child’s speech and their ability to chew foods too.

Symptoms Of Teething

baby teething teething rash

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  • Drooling with some rash around the mouth
  • Gum Swelling and sensitivity
  • Irritability
  • Diarrohea
  • Biting
  • Not eating
  • Low-grade fever
  • Not sleeping comfortably

Then began my hunt to find things that would make the entire process less painful for her. I bought teething rings, a soft finger brush and a teething gel. But what soothed her the most was gnawing on food that was hard and cold. I was happy with that; not only was it calming for her but it also meant that some nutrition was going into her without the fuss and crying that was becoming second nature to her.

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I've listed a few things that helped my little one, I hope they help yours too.

Sooji Rusks

sooji rusk

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Sooji rusks are one of the best things you can give your baby when they start teething. The rusk is slightly sweet and grainy. Babies enjoy the gentle massage the rusk gives their gums as they gnaw on it. Since rusks are like biscuits and pretty big for those tiny hands, there is no fear of them choking. I would use the sooji rusks that were freshly made and were easily available at the local bakery/shop. Personally, I love dunking the rusks into my hot tea as well.

Frozen Favoured Yoghurt

frozen yoghurt cubes

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You can flavour the yoghurt with a fruit puree that your baby enjoys and put it in the chiller or pour it into ice trays. When your baby starts getting uncomfortable, the cold and hard yoghurt cubes will soothe the hot and irritable gums. And since yoghurt is a probiotic, it's good for the tummy too.

Cold Cucumber And Carrot Sticks

cucumber stick

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Cucumber and carrot sticks are hard so when your baby chews on the cold cucumber and carrot sticks it feels good on their hot swollen gums. Cut carrot and cucumber into thickish sticks and put them in the fridge. Though the veggie sticks are thick, as your baby grows older and sprouts a few teeth, they could start biting a little piece of the cucumber or carrot. So keep an eye on them.


baby eating watermelon

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This cold and tasty fruit is good for inflamed teeth sprouting gums.  Make sure you remove all the seeds from the watermelon. Chop it up and put in the fridge. Let your little baby chew on this sweet fruit. Alternately, you can also put in a feeding mesh and then give it to your baby if you're afraid that he/she might choke. Comprising almost totally of water, watermelons keep your baby hydrated too.

Cold Banana

baby eating banana

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Bananas should be frozen and then put into a feeding mesh for the baby to chew on. If your baby has developed a pincer grip, then give him/her the banana to eat. They'll slowly chip away at the banana - keeps them full and keeps the teething woes at bay.

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Cold Apple

apple slice baby

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Frozen apple slices are cold, sweet and tarty and kids enjoy sinking their gums into them. Apparently, there’s an acid in apples and pears, that helps to soothe the gums.

Toast And Butter

baby eating toast

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If your baby is cranky give toast and butter a shot. When the bread crisps up and the baby bites on it, the toast grates against the gum giving it a gentle massage. Dry toast is never tasty, so adding a smattering of butter is always a good idea, especially if your baby hasn't been eating properly.

A home remedy that others have sworn by is rubbing a bit of water diluted vanilla or almond extract on the babies gums to calm them down. Have you tried it? Tell us in the comments below what may have worked for your baby when he/she was teething. We would love to add it to our list and share it with moms who are going through the teething phase with their baby.

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