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Dress Your Little Heroes & Heroines In These Bollywood Inspired Onesies

Bollywood is such a global phenomenon that there is no escaping it -- even if you are a little, wee, baby! There are lines or dialogues from films that are considered classics and just stay on in your mind. So if you are a Bollywood fan (who isn't?) and you want to pass on that love to your kids then here is a super, filmy way to do it!

Rompers from Blue Bus Store are filmy, classic, and a completely different look for your child. Here's more.

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The Story Behind Blue Bus Store

blue bus store onesie

Blue Bus Store started off in 2009 as a brand for witty t-shirts for men by two tee-shirt aficionados - Pranav and Abhir. They were on a New York - Mumbai flight when they loved reading a slogan on the tee of a fellow passenger. Taking that as a sign, by the time they landed at Mumbai airport, Abhir and Pranav had decided that this was a perfect time and opportunity to make their very own Bollywood slogan inspired clothes for the Indian market. The name for their company came on their shuttle ride from the plane to the terminal - since they were on a blue bus. After launching sloganed t-shirts for adults, they realised parents would love something similar for their kids and zeroed in on the gap in the market - because everyone creating clothes for kids was going for the same old Dad and Mom lines.



So that's when they came up with onesies and rompers! Because who doesn't love them!

  • Their clothes are made of 100% cotton fabric and the print is organic.
  • Their rompers and t- shirts cater to ages 3 months - 6 years.
  • The slogans on the rompers range from typical Bollywood one - liners to cute and witty mom-dad slogans.

Price Range

The Blue Bus Store kids wear ranges between Rs 449 to Rs 499. They also have full sleeve 2 romper sets which are slightly higher.  You can buy the products on their website - Blue Bus Store

Why Should You Choose Blue Bus Store?

If you are tired of dressing your child in clothes that carry slogans like "Mommy's little helper" or "Tough like Dad" and you see yourself looking at your baby exactly like maa looks at her laadla beta, then these are for you!

What Kidsstoppress Thinks About It

  • The 100 % cotton fabric feels soft and we can see our kids being comfortable in it.
  • Other than the quirky Bollywood lines, there is honestly nothing different. They are onesies with slogans. Plain and simple.
  • We like the lines and dialogues used. They are really fun!
  • We're not so sure about the quality of the print of the onesies and t-shirts though. With the number of times the baby clothes need to be washed, will they bear the strain of our detergents is something we are a little apprehensive about.


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