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Easy Activities That Encourage Independent Play Among Toddlers

We all know how spending quality time with kids is essential for their development. But accept it, moms! We all yearn for a minute or two of quality "me-time" that doesn't involve a shrieking toddler or a stack of LEGO blocks. If you 've got someone to watch your kids while you take a breather, congrats! But for most of us, who raise our kids all by our own in the daytime, independent play comes in handy and essential. Moreover, independent play is of great help as it encourages children to learn to be by themselves, develops their imagination skills and boosts self-confidence. Just ensure your child that you are around but they need to be by themselves as they engage in this set of activities that we suggest today.

Sensory Balls

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The sensory balls work perfectly well when you need to give some independent play time to your little one. Fill a balloon with playdough and give it a tight knot. Your toddler will have a great sensory experience squeezing the squishy balloon. You could also try filling the balloon with rice or flour for a variety of sensory experience. You can also use a permanent marker to draw funny faces on the balloon. Read more here.

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A safe, easy-to-do and fun way to engage your toddlers when you need the much-needed breather. Stamping is a great independent activity for kids as they make great designs on paper! While there are a variety of stamps available in the market you could simply use stuff around your house like vegetables, bottle lids and blocks to make your own stamps. Read more here.

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Fridge Magnets

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I remember how fascinated I was about magnets and the 'magic' behind them as a kid! This is a  great activity to keep your kids occupied in the kitchen while you prepare your meals.  It's a fun exploration activity for little toddlers to learn the science behind magnets.  Make sure the magnets are of a big size so as to avoid any choking hazards. Read more here.

Sticker Activities

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My little one's favourite activity! Supply a blank sheet of paper and stickers to your toddler and that should do! Stickers work great for the development of fine motor skills and pincer grip. It also provides an opportunity to the child to develop logical thinking while they learn to get the sticker off the sheet. Read more here.

Kitchen Drums

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This is a tried and tested technique our moms used to keep us engaged in the pre-iPad and apps era! Inexpensive and easy to set up, this activity captures your child's attention easily and keeps them engaged for a few precious minutes and under your watchful eyes in the kitchen. You don't need fancy toys and supplies to entertain your child just a few utensils from the kitchen and you have your child's very own drum set. Let your child pick his favourite utensils by themselves and let them explore. The noise may not be pleasing to the ears though, mummies! Read more here.

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