Easy Hacks That Ensure You Never Lose A Sock Again!

It's that time of the day and am back to doing what I dread most- laundry time! If separating the clothes fabric wise, colours wise and according to the degree of stains wasn't enough, the minute ones like socks are enough to give you a headache, once the whole process is over. Every missing sock poses a question- "where's my sole mate?" for which we have no answers!

Ofcourse, to have various pairs of socks in just one type would be an easy and ideal solution for this problem, but as parents, we know how the kids cannot just have ONE kind of socks. Sports, school, party wear, winter wear- and the list is endless. Here are some tried and tested ways to make sure your child's socks never lose their partner again!

1. Sock Clips

useful sock hacks for moms

Image source: container store

Trust me, I never heard that such things existed that made life easier until a friend suggested. While we do agree that some are slightly overpriced, but they are still totally worth it. They are safe and easy to use in the washing machine and also later for us when dry. Saves you on a mad school-day morning! Buy here. 

2. Use a mesh bag

useful sock hacks for moms

Image source: aliexpress.com

This is another easy and proven to be the most useful way to wash small and delicate fabric. Especially your newborn's socks are really tiny that it becomes impossible to sort out after they are washed and dried. (P.S Mesh bags also come in handy when you are giving your child's favourite soft toy a good wash!) Just add your child's socks into the mesh bag and watch the magic of seeing them come out happier, cleaner and united 😉 Buy here.

3. Use a safety pin to bind them together

useful sock hacks for moms

Image source: Pinterest

Okay, this is something actually very basic and works well on woollen socks that are thicker. You might want to give this option a miss if you are putting your little girl's delicate lace socks. But just make sure you pin the socks together- both before wash and most importantly, after drying so that they are stored as a pair.

4. Tuck/Roll/Tie up your socks together

Image source:macgyverisms.wonderhowto.com

This is something we would have seen our moms do to prevent losing the other pair and also from being strewn around the place! Tieing up was easy, but did you know that there is another easier way to do it? Watch this video to know how you can fold your socks into neat box-shaped ones that use very minimal space, especially while travelling!

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