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Easy To Use, Paid App Scribbaloo Train Will Get Your Toddlers To Love Art!

We grew up as a generation of kids that spent hours with colour pencils and white sheets. Somewhere between that and playing Tetris on our first computers, we were introduced to the world of MS-Paint! And as we pen this article, we are coming across Microsoft's latest announcement about doing away with MS-Paint in the next Windows update! If we grew up trying out sketches on MS-Paint, this generation of kids have it bigger and better with Scribbaloo- the perfect app that inspires creativity and the love for art among preschoolers and toddlers.

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Scribbaloo Paint:

apps for toddlers

Scribbaloo's first venture of 2015, Scribbaloo Paint was aimed at younger toddlers to give them a fun experience with colours. This painting app is free, simple and user-friendly. Once your child is done with his/her creation, the work can be saved, shared and even printed for cherishing the memories. The effect of watercolours gives your child a wonderful experience and sets the right platform in raising an art-lover!

Scribbaloo Train:

apps for toddlers

Scribbaloo followed up Paint with a high-end, paid app- Scribbaloo Train, that makes the whole experience much more enjoyable. An interactive picture book for toddlers and preschoolers, this app works on getting the kids to complete colouring the background and get the train moving! The ten different scenes such as camels in a desert, sunset beach setting, night under the stars, countryside setting with birds and animals among others.

Watch this video to understand how this app works.

What's special for kids?

apps for toddlers

The music and graphics used in the apps have won a lot of little hearts all over, earning itself the name as "a visual stunner in kids' apps" by USA Today. Toddlers who are exposed to smartphones much earlier today. will just have to use their creativity and 'click' to complete the sequence. As they take a dog, pig and a dinosaur on a train ride, they need to complete the background sequence to help the train advance to the next stop. Scribbaloo Train is not just about introducing your child to the world of colours. Get set to witness camels made of cardboard, denim clad mountains and lots more.

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KSP's take on the apps:

  • Colours+ Cute graphics + Toddlers= make a winning combo! An ideal companion when you are travelling with your toddlers and you need some 'me' time.
  • The instructions are pretty simple, so once you introduce your kids to the app they can go about it themselves. No ads or purchases to distract your preschooler as they are engaged in this fun ride all by themselves.
  • Scribbaloo Train is a paid app- but one that is totally worth it- and helps build our child's creativity, hand-eye coordination and enjoy the learning journey.

It's never too early to let your kids step into the world of art. Watch them enjoy with this one!

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Download the app:

Scribbaloo Train: iOS and Android

Scribbaloo PaintiOS and Android

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