Get Tech-Savvy With TENO! An App That Eases Parent-Teacher Communication

The minute my daughter is back home, I start rummaging through her bag -- first to see if her tiffin is empty, second to see how much homework she has, and third to look through her almanac to see if her teacher has written something important. Now, this great habit didn't form overnight. I have missed plenty of notices which have asked for my child to bring something, or have said the school is closed tomorrow, or even drop off timings for field trips.

Sure, there is a Whatsapp group of class parents to remind me if I do miss an important event, but let's be honest a lot of us mute that group now, don't we? So if you aren't on a school Whatsapp group, and you don't have time to check your child's school bag daily, then what options are you left with? You could try talking to the teacher at drop off and pick up, but we all know just how hassled teachers are at that time. You can barely get through to them!

That's why TENO is revolutionary.

What is Teno?

Teno is a real-time messaging and communication app that connects schools, teachers and parents. You can now know what's happening in your child's school instantly! This free app is available on Android, iOS and on Windows.

communication app for parents and teachers

What's cool about TENO? 

First the technical stuff: This app is not device specific, works on all platforms and can be easily accessed on  2G mobile network as well- consumes very less data. On TENO you don't need to limit communication with the school only to homework and assignments, but you can also share important documents, PDFs, and even images. Once you register you will have access to the admin dashboard and that can help you manage different groups.

So you don't need to go back and forth on the Whatsapp group about whether the school is closed because it is raining heavily. The school just needs to post it on the app and parents will know immediately. Or how about that important message about the kids' annual day costumes? Just add it to the group and parents and school authorities will be notified!

communication app for parents and teachers

Missing out on your child's poetry recital because of a meeting at work? Your child's teacher can send you live images of your child's performance that will simply make any parent very happy! And the best thing- you can pay your child's fees through the app as well!

When the teacher created a group, classwise he/she can decide if the communication between the parents and the teachers needs to be two-way or unidirectional- that's good thinking.

Watch this video to know how Teno works:

Why parents will like the Teno app:

  • Cuts out the spam on Whatsapp and gets right to the matter parents need to know from school.
  • Rarely, get to meet your child's teacher? No worries, you can keep track of daily assessments with this app.
  • Stop worrying about missing communication from school because you didn't rummage through your child's bag.
  • From holidays to important celebrations, from daily assessments to focus on problem areas -- choose what you want to talk to your teacher about and do it through the app.
  • Unlike Whatsapp where your number is visible to every member of every group you are a part of, Teno pays heed to its users' data security.

communication app for parents and teachers

What Kidsstoppress thinks about it:

TENO is being used by more than 1000 schools and 10000 teachers, we are told. But the world over parents and schools have been using apps like TENO for years and in India too, TENO is not a pioneer. There is no denying the ease this app brings to parent-teacher communication but we need to accept that some premier schools may be hesitant to try something like this.

That being said, it is a great start and definitely worth trying if it means not having to go through Whatsapp spam to get to what the school has assigned as a project for this weekend! Only relevant stu I can see parents nodding already!


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