Mansi Zaveri with Dr. Preeti Devnani

KSP Talk | How To Get Your Kids Enough Sleep & All About Co-Sleeping

As parents, we've all had enough sleepless nights and days all rolled into one. I remember those months of sleep deprivation when I woke up every time my baby turned, moved or cried. We all keep wondering when will that day arrive when your baby and you will sleep through the night and you won't wake up tired.

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Babies obviously need more hours of sleep than a child and an adult. But what we don't realise is that sleep is extremely important for us too- no matter the age. If we don't get enough sleep, over a period of time it will start affecting your day to day functioning and health.

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Mansi Zaveri of KSP spoke to Dr Preeti Devnani, Sleep Expert at Hinduja Hospital recently about the problems parents and children face where sound sleep is concerned. Dr Devnani had some great tips about how to make our kids get into a sleep routine; how to deal with night terror and about co-sleeping with your baby.

Watch the video to know how much sleep children need at what age and loads of more sleep related information.

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