Meal Plan #43: 16th – 22nd July: Lemon Basil Risotto & Boondi Alu Chaat Make Tasty Monsoon Meals

With the vegetable prices going through the roof, the family food budget has gone for a complete toss. But making sure that the family is still eating healthy and well balanced is so important.

The weather has everyone falling ill with cold, cough and viral infections. As much as I love the rain, it worries me where the kids are concerned. We've really cut down eating food outside during the monsoons. My family with the exception of my son (he doesn't like food!) love street food and this is the worst time to indulge in any of that. I try and keep things interesting at home so that we don't eat out or order take out during the week, Weekends are another story though!

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I'm sure all of you have the same concerns as parents. So if you have a meal plan or healthy kid friendly recipes that you and your family enjoy share it with us. Send it to us with your bio and picture and we'll be delighted to feature you and your meal plan/ recipes under the #KSPMealPlan.

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As always the menu this week has a mix of everything. We can't have the family not enjoying their meals!

The Parsi Dhansak and Gatte Ki Kadhi are two things the family and I really enjoy. It brings back lovely childhood memories for me every time I make them. I grew up in Kolkata which is a foodie paradise. It's also a city which has an amazing mix of people from all over the country.

We had a Parsi family staying in the apartment next to ours and they would make dhansak with caramelised rice. Aunty would add meat to it which is how it's traditionally made. But my kids prefer the vegetarian version.

On the other side, on the same floor, there was a Marwari family staying. The aunty there used to make the most delicious finger licking Marwari food.  Gatte Ki Kadhi & Missi Roti is a Rajasthani dish made with yoghurt and besan that is mouth watering. My neighbours would make it in their house every week and my sister and I were always there for that meal.

By the way, the strawberry and chocolate ice cubes are perfect for dunking into milk or eating when the craving for something sweet hits, after your meal. You just need to melt some chocolate, put a strawberry in each cube in the ice tray, pour the chocolate over the strawberry and freeze. Quick and delicious right?

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Check out the meal plan below to see what else you and your family are eating this week.

Click on the images below to get the recipes

Breakfast Cookies - You can buy your cookie trays here

healthy breakfast cookies banana peanut butter cookies

Vegan Omelette

vegan omelette tofu healthy breakfast

Corn Pancakes With Maple Syrup/ Salsa

corn pancakes recipe

Baked Chickpeas

baked chickpeas


Homemade Pizza

Frozen Dessert Chocolate Cone

ice cream cone cake frozen

Nutty No Sugar Granola Two Ways

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