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Things We Love About Lodha Belmondo, Our Weekend Home Away From Mumbai

I'm sure a lot of you followed our pics from our recent weekend getaway at Lodha Belmondo. What is a weekend home? For me and my family, a weekend home has always been that place which offers us a quick getaway from pulsing, throbbing Mumbai. A place that fills your lungs with much-needed oxygen and relaxes your mind, body and soul. My ideal weekend home is a place that just lets you be, lets time go by and lets you feel gratitude in every breath you take.

That is why any opportunity we get we head out to relax. Our weekend at Lodha Belmondo was no different. We packed our stuff in a backpack and headed straight to the Belmondo with no stops at all! Just 2 hours of drive filled with singing, favourite music, car games and a lot of looking forward to play, eat, run, cycle and just #BeAKid.

What makes this getaway special?

Proximity: If your weekend home is too far away, trust me when I say this, you will never get to it. Since this one is just a quick drive away from the city, it is easy for us to head there without having to plan beforehand.

Open Spaces: We love the open spaces because we miss it in the city. Wide and green, open areas that you breathe! With 100+ acres of open spaces, water bodies and changing colours of the sky, your entire being will be rejuvenated as you sit to watch the sunset!

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Easy to manage: If you have ever wondered how you would ever be able to manage another home then let me tell you it isn't that tough! The biggest advantage is that this home comes with all the amenities -- so we don't need to manage or fix anything! At this point in my life, with so much on my plate, I prefer to have these things taken care off for me.

Our favourite spot: It's got to be the river where we not only shoot a lot of pictures but also love putting away the camera and listening to the silence of nature and time go by.



Kid-friendly activities: As parents when we need to unwind, why should kids miss out on having fun? We got to cycle with the kids, sometimes taking them doubles, there were falls, there was a lot of posing for the camera and it was so much fun!

Quiet indoor afternoons: After all that activity everyone is up for some relaxing. And let me tell you this play area has been completely built keeping a child's perspective in mind! A starry sky room for a quiet nap, a cozy den to play, rock climbing and adventure sports or a creative corner to colour, paint, play and read. There seemed to be something where the kids could spend a whole afternoon unwinding.

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A private theatre: On weekends when you just can't play anymore, enjoy watching a movie as a family in their private theatre! What could be better than that?

child friendly home therater

Steal moments: That's what Nakul and I did! When the kids were busy playing in the pool or water zorbing, we managed to catch up on what's happening with us, enjoyed reading books and even sipped on a hot cup of tea while we watched them have fun!   swimming pools for kids in punezorbing for kids

Sharing your passion: While Nakul got to practice his swing, the kids tried to figure out why Dad is so obsessed with golf! So they tried their hand at it and loved it!

Activities to keep you coming back: Even after we packed in so much fun and relaxation on this visit, there just seems like there is so much more to do the next time we visit. And that is exactly what keeps us and the kids interested in coming back.

This post is written in association with Lodha Belmondo

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