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Important Lessons To Take Back From Your Child Birthing Class

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I wanted to do everything by the book. My meals, my in between meals, my exercise regime, books I just had to read, Lamaze classes, childbirth instructor - everything was planned and checklist ticked off. I had a good gynaecologist but I'm glad I took that birthing class.

In today's times, women tend to skip the birthing classes because honestly, who has the time! But as someone who has taken these classes, let me tell you there is so much to learn from them! When I enrolled for the childbirth & Lamaze classes in my third trimester, my husband was still on the fence about attending them. He wanted to be supportive and all, but the thought of sitting through classes and have someone explain childbirth and labour didn't appeal to him. He thought reading up a bit on the Internet was enough.

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Wrong! Child birthing classes may sound boring but there are important lessons to take away and remember.  We break it down for you what a typical child birth class is all about and the important lessons to remember. 

What is a child birthing class? 

Depending on where you go, classes range from a one-day intensive workshop to weekly sessions lasting a month or more. Five or six couples in a child birthing class with you is. This way not only can the educator give more time and individual attention to couples in an intimate group but the camaraderie in a small group tends to be stronger.

The typical class consists of discussions about

  • Taking care of yourself and the baby
  • Exercises pre and post delivery
  • Details about the stages of labour
  • Caesarean birth
  • Pain management options
  • What you are likely to experience during your last trimester leading up to labour

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Lessons To Remember From Birthing Classes

  • Different Position To Help Deal With The Pain While In Labour

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Typically in a hospital, you'll be flat on your back, squirming and shrieking with pain. However, there are different positions that can make labour easier. If you go for that birthing class, you'll probably learn that lying flat on your back is the least effective delivery position of all. Any position that aids labour using gravity is likely to help you deliver faster- standing, walking, rocking,  squatting, birthing balls etc

  • Relaxation Techniques During Labour

massage during labour

Labour can be very long and is definitely painful. So any help you can get in that department will be appreciated by you for sure. A birthing educator will be the best person to tell your husband/partner how he can help you when the labour pain peaks. Also how to relax you when it starts to subside. You need to be ready for the next contraction that is sure to follow soon.

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  • How To Know If You're Going Into Labour

signs of labour

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If you attend a birthing class you'll be taught and advised about signs to look for if you're going into labour and when is the right time to head to the hospital.

  • Mentally And Emotionally Prepare Your Husband/Partner For What's To Come

pregnant couple

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My husband was petrified that he would drop our little baby. They are so tiny after all. I know nothing can prepare you for the first time that you hold your own little one. But my instructor explained everything so well that he lost the fear of babies.

  • Pain Management And Natural Birth

pain management epidural

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It's been noticed that when birthing classes are held by hospitals, they don't really promote vaginal birth. For them, C-sec means more money in the pocket. When you go for an independent birthing class, they'll educate you on all the options available to you and what your rights as a patient are. Whether you want to opt for a spinal, epidural or natural vaginal birth - it's up to you.

  • Proper Way To Hold The Baby While Breastfeeding

breasfeeding technique

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You have probably read books about how breastfeeding and know almost everything. But when you go to a birthing class, they make you practise using baby props to help you figure what position works best for you and is comfortable for you. Also, they'll give you the low down about breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

  • How To Care For The Baby And Yourself Postpartum

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Postpartum care for you and the baby are extremely important. At a birthing class, not only do they show you how to care for your little one but only what exercises will help you get your uterus and tummy back into shape. If you've had a Caesarean and not a natural birth then, what are the precautions you should take post-op etc.

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First Aid Technique You SHould Know When You Have A Baby/Child At Home

A parent's worst nightmare is if and when your baby gets hurt or is unwell. Bleeding, embedded objects, burns, raised temperatures, seizures, severe allergic reactions, head injuries, swallowing harmful substances, vomiting and diarrhoea just about cover the general issues parents face normally.

But if there is a more life threatening problem like your baby stops breathing, then knowing CPR before medical help/ambulance arrives can save your baby's life. The CPR conducted on babies is slightly different for infants under the age of 1 year. Watch the video to learn how to conduct CPR on babies.

The CPR conducted on babies is slightly different for infants under the age of 1 year. Watch the video to learn how to conduct CPR on babies.

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